Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm and The League Writers and Real-Life Brothers Create Netflix’s Brews Brothers, A Story About Beer, Brothers, and Bed-Wetting

Written by: Loren Kling April 16th 2020, 11:08pm pst

Brews Brothers: Jeff and Greg Schaffer

Brews Brothers Is As Much A Story about The Real-Life Brothers Behind the Show As The Brothers In The Show

When Greg Schaffer, creator of the Netflix series, Brews Brothers, was 8 years old his older brother, Jeff, would sneak into his room, roll back the covers and pee in his bed. Then quietly pull the sheets back. 

So how does older brother, Jeff, who’s one of the executive producers of the show about two, diametrically opposed, twenty-something brothers who run the fledgling “Rodman’s Brewery” justify the childhood prank today? By telling his younger brother during our interview that, “You put it in the show, it’s funny, so all I have to say to that is, ‘you’re welcome!’

Although he wrote it into the second episode of the show Greg may not quite feel the same way about it. “Some of the fraternal flashbacks are too real,” he laments.

Greg and Jeff are both prolific TV writers and producers who, between the two of them have worked on some very well-known series including Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dave, Tracy Morgan, Mad About You, and The League, an idea that Jeff’s wife, Jackie, had come up with while witnessing the Schaffer Brothers participate in a fantasy sports league.

For Brews Brothers, it was Greg’s love of beer and craft breweries that inspired the idea for the show. 

“Like many of us, college can awaken the beer drinker in all of us. And it certainly started there.” In fact, he adds, “Part of research for the show came from a family trip up the coasts of California and Oregon. My family realized about, you know, halfway in, we’ve gone to seven breweries.” He admits, “There may have been, there may have been an ulterior motive.”

What’s Greg’s favorite local hang? MacLeod Ale Brewing, which just so happens to be located in the same blue collar Los Angeles suburb as the fictitious Rodman’s Brewery. 

“I do actually live very close to Van Nuys where the show, where Rodman’s takes place.” He adds, “That also may happen to be near an auto body shop and adult type stores maybe around the corner.”

So while you’re watching the Rodman brothers go at it on Brews Brothers there’s a very good chance that you’re witnessing some real life antics between the younger brother, Greg, and older brother and pee-tormentor, Jeff.

You can watch the Afterbuzz TV interview with brothers Jeff and Greg Schaffer here:  

The interview was hosted by Loren Kling, Allyssa Dickert, and Eric Jewell.

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