Bravo’s Summer House Star Paige DeSorbo on Luke Gulbranson & Jules Daoud’s Feud

Bravo’s Summer House star Paige DeSorbo dishes on BTS feud between Luke Gulbranson and Jules Daoud, mid-reunion texts from Hannah Berner, and being starstruck over Chrissy Teigen

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Posted On: May 8th, 2020 10:11pm pst

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ABTV Bravo In Quarantine With Jane Johnsen

ABTV Bravo in Quarantine: Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo

Known for her impeccable style and fiery, opinionated nature, Paige DeSorbo is a captivating force on the cast of Bravo’s Summer House. Fresh off the Summer House Reunion with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, AfterBuzz Host Jane Johnsen caught up with Paige to get the behind the scenes scoop on her account of the off-camera drama between Luke Gulbranson and Jules Daoud, mid-reunion texts from BFF Hannah Berner, being starstruck over Summer House fan, Chrissy Teigen, and so much more.

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Paige on the WWHL zoom reunion; Hannah Berner’s texts to her during taping, Lindsay Hubbard’s iconic quote and not apologizing for snapping at Lindsay during their fight

ABTV: I heard that after the reunion you had a bunch of texts from Hannah?

Paige: So, everyone thought that Hannah and I were texting during the reunion but I was actually filming the reunion on my cell phone. So after we got done, I opened my text messages and I just had a list from Hannah being like, “oh my god I can’t believe that just happened! Oh my god, can you believe she said that?”

ABTV: What was one of those key moments that Hannah wished you could have responded to in text at the time? 

Paige: When Luke and Jules got into their fight, I think it was actually the most shocking because I don’t think any of us thought that they would start fighting like that. So I wish I had my phone during that because Hannah and I were just like “wait, what is happening?”

ABTV: When Lindsay quoted Brené Brown quoting Teddy Roosevelt…

Paige: [Laughs] It was so good. It made for an iconic TV moment. It was epic. I just had no idea where she was going with the quote! But I think it’s definitely a tactic to quote someone during an argument, so I give her props for that… even if it’s the wrong quote. A for effort!

ABTV: Our AfterBuzz fans were giving us a lot of questions, and in the episode where you gave Perry a call after getting in a huge blowout fight with Lindsay from the roast, you asked him to come pick you up… Was he in the Hamptons or was he in the city? How far was that drive?

Paige: He was actually in the Hamptons that weekend! I forget, but I think it was his nephew’s birthday and so they were in the Hamptons. It was a quick drive for him to come pick me up. People thought that I made him drive like four hours from the city. I would never do that… I mean, maybe I would!

ABTV: You did say on the reunion that you didn’t take back what was said to Lindsay in that moment before you got picked up.

Paige: I can’t apologize for how I feel in certain moments and I don’t think anyone on our show does because that’s what makes our show great to watch. We all feel our feelings and we express them and that was just a moment where I had had enough. We’ve talked after the reunion. Lindsay is great and I told her this to her face. I love having her in my life and I think she feels the same way. We definitely get into certain fights but I think it’s because we have very similar personalities and we can’t keep our mouth shut when we feel a certain way.

On boyfriend Perry not joining the Summer House cast, despite being the same age as Kyle Cooke

ABTV: I feel like a lot of the fans wanted to see a little bit more of your personal life in this season, especially because you have Perry and he’s not necessarily wanting to be on the show. Which is a little bit comical to me, because he is a similar age as Kyle.

Paige: Everyone always says, “Oh, are you giving a subtle dig to Kyle because Perry and Kyle are the same age? And like, not at all. Perry is just very different. He has a very different personality and reality TV is just not for everyone. I signed up for it, so I would never force that upon someone else and it’s hard to put your entire life on a television show. Of course, I tried to give as much as I can without him being there but I am very much an open book so people always see him on my Instagram.

On the off camera drama between Luke Gulbranson and Jules Daoud, plus their Fourth of July fight that included Danielle Olivera

ABTV: Did you guys know about that Fourth of July drama? 

Paige: I actually wasn’t there the weekend that the infamous hitting scandal happened, but I was there the weekend of the Fourth of July when they started yelling at each other. I was actually in Kyle and Amanda’s room when I heard it, and Luke was actually yelling at Danielle and Jules and he said some choice things where I just couldn’t be on his side during that fight. None of us really pick sides, I kind of just listened to Jules and I don’t know if Jules started crying but I know Danielle did. Now Danielle and Luke are great friends so I guess they got over it. But Luke and Jules just can’t seem to move on from it.

ABTV: Did that sort of have an impact on how you felt about Luke and Hannah’s relationship for the rest of the season because you had kind of seen this anger from him towards women?

Paige: I wouldn’t say that like he’s nasty to women, that’s just like… you know, people say things when they get mad, myself included. But definitely seeing him fight with Jules over something so small I was like, “what are we even yelling about?” But it definitely didn’t shape my entire opinion on Luke. There were certain other things where I just got like a weird vibe in terms of him and Hannah but I think Luke is great, I think he’s a good person. I think Jules is great, I think she’s a good person. People just get mad and say things that they don’t mean and I think they would both agree to that.

On who should be asked back to the Summer House for Season 5

ABTV: What would your ideal cast be for this next season? Is there anyone that you wouldn’t want to come back to the house?

Paige: I think our season was so explosive this season that we could never not have everyone back. I think the next season we would just be closer, our fights would be more intense because we know each other better… So in an ideal world, I would love to have everyone back and maybe add in a few new people. I mean, we can always make the group bigger!

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On being starstruck over Chrissy Teigen watching Summer House

ABTV: I know Hannah is close with Nikki Glaser and she’s binge watching it right now. Who is one of the stars that you think has surprised you most by being a fan?

Paige: I think the number one starstruck moment was Chrissy Teigen tweeted about Summer House and I… Jane, when I tell you I lost my mind… I lost my mind! Just the fact that Chrissy Teigen knows my name was… I mean, it was amazing! I don’t think anyone could top her. Knowing that like her and John have it on in their living room was just… life made.

ABTV: And guess what? Luna is watching with aspirational eyes.

Paige: [Laughs] Oh god! There’s a fine line between us being classy and then just unhinged.

Although the world is in quarantine right now, with Season 5 filming plans up in the air as a result, fans can at least find joy in a bonus Summer House: “Secrets Revealed” episode airing on Bravo on Wednesday, May 13th. AfterBuzz TV’s Summer House aftershow will be covering the final episode.

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