Bravo’s Summer House Star Jules Daoud Hasn’t Spoken to Luke Gulbranson Since WWHL Reunion Fight

Bravo’s Summer House star Jules Daoud tells AfterBuzz TV she still hasn’t spoken to Luke Gulbranson after their fight while taping the WWHL reunion in quarantine, but she did call Carl Radke first after hanging up with Andy Cohen and cast on Zoom

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Posted On: May 8th, 2020 12:49 pm pst

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ABTV Bravo In Quarantine With Jane Johnsen

As one of the newest additions to Bravo’s Summer House, Julia Daoud (aka “Jules”) made an explosive entrance in Season 4 with fabulous fashion and a healthy dose of drama among cast members. Throughout the season, Jules proved her ability to navigate the cliques and hold her own in the rowdy Hamptons house that Bravo fans can’t get enough of. 

Fresh off her first ever Summer House Reunion with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, AfterBuzz Host Jane Johnsen caught up with Jules to debrief on highlights like going head to head with cast member Luke Gulbranson, her “rollercoaster of a friendship” with Carl, how she ended up in the middle of drama between Hannah Berner, Paige DeSorbo and Amanda Batula, and so much more. 

Jules on the reunion drama with Luke and if they’ve talked since

In the WWHL reunion episode, Andy dug up underlying drama between Jules and Luke which apparently came to a head at a 4th of July party that cameras didn’t capture. Allegedly, when Jules complemented Luke’s friend, Luke tried to pressure her to hook up with him, and a fight between the two escalated, resulting in things getting physical.

ABTV: It’s not right in any way for someone to be pushing their friends on someone, so I’m glad that you stood up for yourself. How did that feel?

Jules: It was very bizarre. I mean, I’ve really never dealt with a guy like Luke before. Just the way that he kind of assumed that I would hook up with his friends just for complimenting them, like, this is 2019. I was shocked that, like, that’s your behavior. It was just disappointing.

ABTV: Do you stand by what you said, that the hand in the uber was a slip and you didn’t mean to hit him?

Jules: 100% and I even think that hit is an aggressive word. It was like a smack. I went to smack the headrest, and yeah, we’re in a car it was moving and it slipped and it ended up tapping the back of his head. That was wrong, like, hearing about Luke’s past, you know, with his ex-girlfriend… It broke my heart that that had happened. But the way that Luke was speaking to me all throughout the summer was just absolutely unacceptable.

ABTV: Have you guys spoken since you taped the reunion and talked it out?

Jules: Luke and I have not spoken. I mean, I just would expect better from a 36 year old. Like, if you still have these feelings that need to be sorted out then you should be the 36 year old guy that you are and reach out to me and hash out those feelings. Don’t tell me to my face that we’re cool and, you know, we can agree to disagree and move past it when clearly he’s not ready to move past it.

On getting caught in the middle of the rift between Hannah vs. Paige and Amanda, and ultimately choosing Paige and Amanda’s side

ABTV: Hannah obviously brought you into the house and she and you were the closest to begin with. But through that rift it seems like in a lot of the scenes you were paired off with Paige and kind of consoling her, while Hannah was with Lindsay. Did you feel so in the middle of this? And how did you kind of pick sides?

Jules: The dynamic between the girls, like, everyone is so different and I think I just naturally gravitated towards Paige more because we are so similar, we’re close in age. But I also did have a really good bond with Lindsay in the beginning as well. So I was stuck in the middle, and just watching all of that drama unfold, I didn’t want to take sides because especially after Jordan gave me the whole ultimatum like “what side are you gonna take” I was like, I don’t want to take any side! I just want to have fun! I did side a little bit with Paige and Amanda because I was a little concerned that Luke could have potentially been playing Hannah at the time, with his whole, you know, side hooking up piece situation. I didn’t want to see Hannah get hurt. 

On her relationship with Jordan, and rumors that it was a “showmance”

ABTV: I feel like in the past some people have said that Jordan and you being together was a way for you to both secure your place in the house. Obviously throughout this season, you stayed and Jordan left. So how do you respond to that feedback that it seemed like you guys had a union sort of just for this show? 

Jules: I mean I think it’s absurd. I had just moved to New York from Chicago, and when Hannah offered to join the house, like, I wanted to make the friends. I left my entire friend group in Chicago to move to New York and so, I mean that whole thing, it just doesn’t make sense. I can’t speak for Jordan but for me I was there with the intentions of making new friends and having a fun summer and I mean, I thought Jordans intentions with me were good and his true colors, you know, as the weekends kept going on, they just started coming out. He played me. It disgusted me honestly and I actually got really emotional when the girls told me that he just wasn’t into me because this whole time like he’s sleeping in my bedroom and telling me that he wants to take me home to mom and like all of these like romantic things and then oh I’m just not into you it’s like go back to the city and figure your sh*t out.

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On the difference between a ZOOM reunion vs. IRL

ABTV: In person, you could be able to hug it out with people. How did that feel to just log off zoom afterwards?

Jules: I was very anxious after it all happened, I mean, we were all calling each other afterwards and just spilling our feelings. It’s weird, you almost feel that you’re together through the screen and then once you hang up you realize that you’re alone, and I’m quarantined alone, so it was overwhelming.

ABTV: Who did you talk to first right after the reunion?

Jules: I think it was Carl, then it was Amanda, then it was Paige.

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On her “rollercoaster of a friendship” with Carl

ABTV: I love this union between you and Carl. What was said in that phone call right after the reunion?

Jules: We just kind of hashed everything out that you saw in the reunion. We talk very frequently, especially during the quarantine and every time we talk it’s just about how much progress he’s been making. And after some of the episodes he’ll tell me just how sorry he is again for the way things went down and him and I are in a great place right now.

ABTV: Your arc with him throughout the season went from so tumultuous to then being the closest.

Jules: Yeah, it was a roller coaster of a friendship. I’ve obviously gotten a lot of comments like, “why would you be friends with this guy who just wanted to take you out?” And, I mean, I took it almost as an opportunity to get to know Carl on a deeper level. You know, he’s yelling at me to make deeper connections with people in the house, so okay, I’m gonna show you that I’m capable of doing that and show you who I really am.

ABTV: What was going through your mind in that finale episode during the rave when he started making out with Danielle? And even watching it back, some of the comments he was making about how he’d rather be with Danielle vs. be with you? 

Jules: [Laughs] It’s Carl. I wasn’t trying to date him. Him and I were just having some innocent fun, and I mean, if he wants to go make out with Danielle then go make out with Danielle. 

ABTV: It seems like the friendship that you guys have established is much stronger that you wouldn’t necessarily want to go down that road romantically.

Jules: Yeah, I think especially considering the place he was in last summer, it was just much better if we remained friends.

Although the world is in quarantine right now, with Season 5 filming plans up in the air as a result, fans can at least find joy in a bonus Summer House: “Secrets Revealed” episode airing on Bravo on Wednesday, May 13th. AfterBuzz TV’s Summer House aftershow will be covering the final episode.

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