Bravo’s Camp Getaway Owner David Schreiber On Firing Rowdy Counselors

Bravo’s Camp Getaway Owner David Schreiber on counselors crossing boundaries with guests, and having to fire staff members every year… especially on the show

Jane Johnsen

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Posted On: May 3rd, 2020 2:40pm pst

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In advance of Bravo’s newest reality series, Camp Getaway, premiering this Monday, May 4th, AfterBuzz Host Jane Johnsen sat down David Schreiber, the owner of Camp Getaway, to discuss how he lays down the law between camp counselors and guests when things get rowdy in the woods.


ABTV: How do you feel about fraternization happening at your summer camp? How do you let that happen (or not)? 

David: I feel that our guests come to camp to just have fun. What’s different between a resort and camp is the counselors. Our social coordinators are our counselors, they’re here to facilitate the fun. They’re there to be, you know, your best friends for the weekend, and even sometimes after the weekend. So there sometimes is a gray line of what happens with our guests and with our staff, and it’s my job to keep that line very solid. I think some of the show might show some of the struggles of keeping that a solid line. 

ABTV: Have you ever fired anyone for crossing that line between staff and guests?

David: Yeah, I mean, every year I fire people because of that. And we’ll see that on the show this year. You’ll have to watch!

That’s definitely enough reason for us to tune in! Watch the premiere of Camp Getaway on Bravo this Monday, May 4th at 10/9c to see how this unfolds. Plus, our AfterBuzz TV Camp Getaway after show begins this Tuesday at 6pm PST.

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