Brandon Micheal Hall Cries Watching The Ending Of God Friended Me!

Brandon Michael Hall joins Afterbuzz to discuss the process of ending God Friended Me in the midst of pandemic

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Posted On: April 27th, 2020 8:30 pm pst

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ABTV loves God Friended Me

Brandon Micheal Hall, the star of CBS’ God Friended Me, joined hosts Franceli Chapman and Mina Naidine Sunday evening to discuss the season finale of this heartwarming and uplifting show. He dished all about how the show was salvaged in editing, despite the sudden and mandatory halt in filming due to the coronavirus and his reaction to the ending and the series as a whole.

It is clear that coronavirus has affected our day to day lives for better or for worse. Since New York City is the biggest COVID-19 breakout zone and the show takes place in NYC, I predicted that there would be a coronavirus themed episode to demonstrate how Miles would need to adjust to helping his friend suggestions through social distancing. Though my prediction did not come to fruition, coronavirus did affect filming, which inherently affected the script. Filming was halted a few days earlier than expected, which means that we might never get to see or know the original ending or how it played out. Now I’m having major FOMO!

Editing hacks and flashbacks saved the ending, according to Brandon Micheal Hall, who plays Miles Finer on the show. One of the pivotal scenes in these last two episodes involved Miles returning to his faith during challenging times. We see him alone in a church. But Miles is never really alone, both literally and figuratively. According to Brandon, “The scene at the very end where I’m at the church–that’s actually a scene with me and Joe (Morton).” This means that the editors had to dig through old footage of Miles and Arthur Finer in the church but delete Arthur from the scene. Having a scene where we only see Miles Finer in an empty church was impactful since it highlighted Miles’ relationship to God. In this moment we question whether he has fully returned to God during difficult times or whether he still upholds his views as an atheist. 

The flashbacks in these final episodes were a brilliant way to account for lost footage since it allowed us to review so many of the precious lives that were transformed thanks to the God account. It functioned as both a reminder of the show’s central theme and also a touching recap of the last two seasons. If you cried at all you are not alone! Brandon admitted that watching the final cut of the finale made him emotional as well explaining, “I cried the entire time because it was an entire look at the lives we were able to touch. What’s magical is that when you’re able to work on such a powerful piece like this not only are you touching peoples’ lives that come on the show and work with you, but… It’s a beautiful feeling to know that we were changing people’s lives through the show.” 

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