Brad Pitt offers blood, sweat and tears to Property Brother’s Celebrity IOU

Celebrity IOU, The Property Brothers feel-good, season premiere presents rare footage of Brad Pitt offering up sweat equity, and tear jerking moments for a friend he considers blood!

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Posted On: May 3rd, 2020 1:40am pst

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ABTV Loves Celebrity IOU: Brad Pitt

Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott do it again! This time alongside world-renown celebrities, starting with none other than Brad Pitt, himself! 

The Scott twins busted out an unbelievable renovation as per Brads special request. Brad hopped right in there with this back house renovation, gifted to his Make Up Artist, and dear friend, Jean. Brad and Jean have been close-as-kin for 30 years, Working together on over 40 films! Jean has shared with him that she always hoped to do something with this little backyard shack.  

Brad involved himself in everything, from the blueprints to textiles! We also got to watch him hop in on demolition, and anything else requested of him. Nothing was too physical for this A-list celebrity when it came to making this dream come true for his long-time friend, whom Pitt says is “like a sister”. Brad said he was “really excited, and if we’ve done our job, we may even see a tear.” 

Well, there are plenty of tears in the audience. 

It turns out that the iconic actor has quite the eye for both construction and design! 

Pitt says  “If I’m not building,  I’m dying”.  He claimed to be “extremely tactile”, and spoke of how he “prefers the design to be more in the materiality than the actual decor, Seeing how the materials relate to each other, and the feeling you get living amongst it.” Hands-on Pitt did not disappoint with sharing his eye for design. 

While sharing the heavy work, Brad quickly praises the brothers for their capabilities. This space required plumbing, electrical, insulation And even adding height to the ceiling. They expanded one wall, added an outdoor living space, and crammed in approximately 1,000,000 hidden details to customize this little room for his dear friend, Jean!

For the first time in her life, Jean has a proper make-up room. Including a hidden make-up storage closet,  as well as a very impressive vanity mirror that electronically comes out of the kitchen countertop to transition into a beautiful make-up studio for clients, such as Julia Roberts, and Josh Brolin. #NBD Brad will likely benefit from this feature like the others, but maybe even more from the incredible murphy bed feature, since he seems to stop by for occasional west-side naps!

Stay tuned for the end of the episode to enjoy moments shared between shy friend Jean and Brad as he gives her acting tips! 

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