Bracketology – Greatest Tag Teams of All Time

Bracketology – Who is the greatest tag team of all time? – New Day, Edge & Christian, Dudley Boyz, Hardy Boyz, Legion of Doom, New Age Outlaws

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ABTV Bracketology: The Greatest Tag Teams of All Time

We’re currently in an era of WWE, where tag-team wrestling is often overlooked, but that hasn’t always been the case. As the WWE (formerly WWF) has produced hall of fame talent through its tag-team division over the years, it’s important to not forget the rich history of tag-team wrestling from the past.

Which got the AfterBuzz TV wrestling gang thinking, what would happen if we pit some of the greatest tag-teams in history against each other? In lieu of the NCAA canceling March Madness this year, we put a new twist on bracketology. We took sixteen of the top teams over the years and placed them in a sweet sixteen format. Round by round we’ll eliminate teams based on several different criteria. In the end only one tag-team can take home the prize as AfterBuzz TV’s greatest. 

Round 1

Via Bleacher Report

  • Legion of Doom vs 16. APA

The Legion of Doom (a.k.a Road Warriors) take on the Acolyte Protection Agency (Farooq and Bradshaw) in the first round. The APA had a great run during the attitude era, but the Animal and Hawk are one of the most decorated teams of all time. The power of the Acolytes are not match for the doomsday device and the Road Warriors prevail. 


  1. Demolition vs 15. The Bar

Axe and Smash have been heralded for years as longest reigning tag champs until the New Day broke their record. They still have the most combined days as champs at just shy of 700. The unlikely duo of Sheamus and Cesaro shared great success together. Record setters with four Raw tag-team title reigns and five-time champs overall. Singles stars turned teammates don’t always have success, the Bar defied those odds and provide our first upset of the tournament. The Bar move ahead. 

Via Bleacher Report

  1. The Hart Foundation vs 10. Paul London and Brian Kendrick

The former longest reigning WWE tag champs, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, face a stiff test against one of the best teams of all time. Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart were dominant during the 80s and had a great manager in Jimmy Hart. The resilience of London and Kendrick aren’t enough to overcome the heel tactics of the Hart Foundation this time. The Hart’s move on.

Via Bleacher Report

  1. The New Age Outlaws vs 9. The Usos

A fantasy booking dream pits these two eras against one another. The Usos have been possibly the best tag team in WWE over the last decade, while the New Age Outlaws were a pivotal part of the Attitude Era. The promos during this rivalry would be unmatched. As for the action, the savvy of the Outlaws allows them to exit the Uso penitentiary winners. 

Via Wikipedia

  1. The Dudley Boyz vs. 14. Money Inc.

The Dudley Boyz have enjoyed success all over the globe and have epitomized tag team wrestling. Money Inc. consisting of Ted Dibiase and I.R.S were one of the top tag teams of the early 90s with three title reigns. Despite having Jimmy Hart in their corner, the Dudley’s prove to be too much and end the match with a 3D. 

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  1. The New Day vs. 11. The Rock and Sock connection

The longest reigning tag champs taking on an unlikely duo that brought joy to the fans. The Rock and Mankind shared three title reigns in a brief amount of time filled with hilarious segments. While the New Day has been a popular act in WWE for the past six years. The Rock and Mankind are undoubtedly more successful stars individually, but the chemistry belongs with the trio. The New Day move forward.


  1. The Hardy Boyz vs 12. The Steiner Bros.

Two of the most decorated teams in the world face off, and both teams are comprised of real-life brothers. The contrast in styles in this matchup is enticing. The grappling, amateur wrestling of the Steiner’s, and the high flying, hardcore genre of the Hardy’s. Lot’s of close calls in this contest but ultimately the Hardy’s squeak out a win.

Via Bleacher Report

  1. Edge and Christian vs 13. Team Hell No

Edge and Christian are one of the most successful tag teams of all time. Both Edge and Christian have also enjoyed singles success. Team Hell No was an unorthodox team that provided tons of laughs in and outside of the ring. When Kane and Daniel Bryan were on the same page, they were a force to be reckoned with. Also, fun fact, Kane has been a tag team champion with six other superstars. They are Mankind, Hurricane, Undertaker, X-Pac, Rob Van Dam, and the Big Show. This match will have some hilarious spots but in the end E&C are the more in sync team and move on in the tournament. 

Round 2


  • Legion of Doom vs 7. The Hart Foundation

These two teams have met in the past in bouts that have gone back and forth. The Hart Foundation are formidable, but the one seed outlasts them with the same teamwork and skill that saw them reign supreme in multiple companies.

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  1. The Bar vs 8. The New Age Outlaws

The Bar is our brackets Cinderella, looking to topple another higher seeded team. Sheamus and Cesaro certainly pose a huge threat to the Outlaws and are the more powerful team. Fortunate enough the Outlaws have more veteran savvy. They have another trick up their sleeve and pull out a victory. 

Via Bleacher Report

3.The Dudley Boyz vs 5. The Hardy Boyz

A matchup we’ve seen many times and in various styles. It’s probably fitting these teams do battle in a tables, ladders, and chairs match. These teams know each other very well so they’ll trade shots often. In the end, the Hardy’s take a trip to Dudleyville and are DELETED. 

Via Ringside News

  1. Edge and Christian vs 6. The New Day

A fantasy booking dream for promo lovers. These two teams have shared a few moments on the stage together. Both teams are wildly popular for the respective eras. It can be argued that Edge saw more success as a singles star though. E&C have seven tag title reigns to the New Day’s eight. The trio keeps pushing forward.

Round 3


1.Legion of Doom vs 3. The Dudley Boyz

The Road Warriors face their hardest test against the Dudley’s. Both teams have been a success all over the world. The only thing that differs is that the Road Warriors have had a few remixes to their team. Bubba Ray and D-von are the only version of the Dudley Boyz. This is a tough call, but for all the innovation to the tag team world they’ve given, the Dudley’s edge out the Legion of Doom. 

Via Bleacher Report

  1. New Age Outlaws vs 6. The New Day

Another promo lover’s dream that would deliver in any era. These five men would provide great comedy outtakes during a show. As far as accolade,s the New Day are by far the more successful team. The Outlaws win the promo battle, but the New Day win the war. 



3.The Dudley Boyz vs. 6. The New Day

A final matchup we’ve seen, when the Dudley’s returned to WWE back in 2015. A time where the New Day were enjoying one of their eight tag title runs. They are now tied with the Dudley’s for most tag team title reigns. This ultimately decides who is the greatest tag team of all time all things considered. While the Dudley’s have dominated for decades across multiple promotions, you can argue the New Day has been a larger act these past six years and enjoyed greater fanfare. The New Day are already the longest reigning tag team champions and recently tied the title reign record. They show no signs of slowing down and will eventually break that record and become a hall of fame faction. The New Day win the tournament of greatest tag team of all time.

Winner: The New Day

The New Day take home the hardware in this edition of bracketology. I feel when you look at the impact these three have made in such a short time, it is a testament to their dominance. From being on the verge of being cast out to the top of merchandise sales, the group has a truly remarkable story. This team got over with the audience organically and has never looked back. In 2019 fans got one of the greatest Wrestlemania moments with “Kofi-Mania,” and now the team has tied the tag team title reign record. There’s no doubt in my mind the New Day will continue to reach new heights. 

What’s your take on the greatest tag team of all time, and how would your bracket look? Let me know in the comments and continue to get your wrestling fix at AfterBuzz TV Wrestling. 

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