Bootz the Hip Hop Psychic READS Gayle King! Exclusive insight on what happens to Gayle next!

Written by: Jaimi Alexander – February 19th 2020, 9:20am pst

Gayle King’s recent interview with Lisa Leslie regarding the late Kobe Bryant’s 2003 sexual assault case, got her in boiling hot water with the majority of people who watched the interview who felt it wildly insensitive to speak on this matter, as his family members are still deeply grieving the loss.


Oprah Winfrey is Gayle’s best friend and was on the brink of tears when she stated last week that her best friend is “not doing well” especially amidst the backlash and death threats she has been receiving due to the timing of King’s interview questions.

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Bootz Durango is a well known psychic tarot reader to the celebs; he did a very special READ on Gayle and was able to offer his psychic insight on what is coming up next for her.

Bootz says this about Gayle King as he shuffles through his personalized tarot deck:

“This is talking about reclusiveness. This could also be a ploy for Gayle to take a break. And this might be a break on her own regards because she might want to focus on her love life. Things get kind of political in Hollywood honey, you have to find ways out of contracts and stuff like that and if the public don’t like you, that’s the easiest way to go underground. I’m going to say as far as the future, we will know in the next two months as to what goes down with this, but I think there might be a “Ghosting of Gayle King”… intentionally not blackballed or anything like that.”


Known as The Hip Hop Oracle, Bootz Durango was our special guest on this weeks episode of AfterBuzz TV’s Super Soul Sit Down with hosts Jaimi Alexander and Haley J. Bootz also had some valuable insight on our discussion topics referenced from the 2020 Vision Tour conversation that Oprah Winfrey had with our former first lady, Michelle Obama.

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Do you think that this is the beginning of a much needed break in Gayle King’s career? Let us know and don’t forget to catch Super Soul Sit Down with Jaimi and Haley every Monday at 615pm PST LIVE on AfterBuzz TV YouTube and Apple iTunes Podcast!

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