The Blacklist & Orange is the New Black’s Max Talisman on LGBT Representation, His New Film Things Like This & How Broadway Inspired Him

Written by: Bryant Santos – April 24th, 2020 6:41pm pst


Max Talisman is a multi-talented writer, actor, and now director, who got his start in entertainment as a Broadway baby. As a lifetime lover of Broadway and storytelling, Max is now set to make his directorial debut in the upcoming film that he penned and also stars in, Things LIke This

Max joined the Gay Twitter panel to talk all things LGBT in Hollywood, from Gaga to Queer Eye to representation, as well as his upcoming film Things Like This. Check out some of the best moments from his fun, insightful interview on AfterBuzz TV’s Gay Twitter.

Max shared the inspiration behind Things Like This when he said that while he loves coming-out movies like Love, Simon and campy gay films like G.B.F., he was inspired to write Things Like This due to the lack of a true epic LGBT love story, especially one that features a young millennial figuring things out. Max discussed how “anyone on the spectrum in any way” could see themselves in Things Like This because at its core, it’s truly just about two people falling in love.

As we discussed Max’s take on how Hollywood is representing the LGBT community, Max shared that there is still work to be done and there are definitely opportunities for more visibility for people of color.

“There’s still not enough gay representation. As someone who’s lived in New York and LA, I haven’t lived in Middle America, but we should be represented in everything. There’s not a show on TV that should not have at least four gay characters because at the end of the day, that’s what it is demographically, in my opinion…I think there’s so few shows that have queer people of color, or have people who aren’t cisgender queers. We really only have Pose, which is about a historic moment in time, we don’t have anything that exists now”, he shared passionately.

Speaking of passion, Max also gave us all the Tea on his passion project, Things Like This, when he shared that it is definitely not going to have a tragic ending and there will also be some musical elements to it. “I’m not trying to spoil my own movie here, but I have such a hard time writing tragic endings for gay characters because we’ve had too many of them”, he said.

Moving into other Things Like Max’s career goals, he shared that his ultimate goal was to star, direct, and write his own Broadway musical, but he achieved that goal in a slightly different way through this film. Max also discussed how Broadway has heavily impacted his career as he feels that Broadway stars who were out, proud, and living in their truth were who inspired him to live in his and begin his career in entertainment.

When he’s not writing, directing, and playing a Zack in love with a Zack on the upcoming Things Like This, Max can also be seen in other feature films and series like Super Dark Times and The Blacklist. Max is also quite the singer as well! I wish my voice could do Things Like That!

If you want to see more things that Max is up to, check him out on all social media platforms @themaxtshow and be sure to catch Things Like This when it comes out later this year.

If you’re a fan of Max, or just love to stan LGBT Kings, check out Max’s full interview and all the other fabulously sassy topics discussed on AfterBuzz TV’s Gay Twitter. Also, if you thought this article slayed, share it with your G.B.F. or any of your other friends, and continue to check out AfterBuzz TV for all the latest, greatest, and gayest in entertainment. 

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