Black Lives Matter! PERIOD!

Black Lives Matters takes over Beverly Hills and leads protest through West Hollywood 

Tyler Tyson

AfterBuzz TV Host & Writer
Posted On: June 7th, 2020 7:23pm pst

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On Saturday, after a week of non stop protest in Los Angeles and around the world, the Black Lives Matter Movement took over Beverly Hills. An estimated 5000 plus people peacefully marched through West Hollywood and then to Beverly Hills almost directly across the street from the Beverly Hills police station. 

This peaceful protest was to demand justice for all police crimes against black people, which would begin with charges against the officers and the expectation of convictions. As in the case of 27 year old Breonna Taylor, an EMT whose home police broke into and shot 8 times in Louisville, Kentucky. Those officers have not been charged. Taylor’s cousins were present for this demonstration, and they thanked everyone for standing with them as they demanded justice for the unlawful killing of their cousin at the hand of officers. 

This peaceful demonstration saw protesters of all ages, races and socioeconomic backgrounds possible, all in agreement with one central message – Black Lives Matter! Benjamin Evans of the Black Lives Matter Movement said, “enough is enough! We are not waiting for you to do right by us, we now demand it! “ Back lives deserve the same American experience as everyone else.  

The mood of the entire march was inclusive, uplifting, joyous and peaceful. Parents of all races brought their children of all ages who too wanted to stand in solidarity. Today, I saw the national guard up close with full war gear and arsenal. I was in awe of these brave men and women who I admired and was indebted to for protecting me and the rest of the country. And then it sank  in that our president thinks that people that look like me are as dangerous as our greatest enemies. These are the men and women that protected us from Osama Bin Laden, and they have been called on me because I said I want “Liberty and Justice For All.” 

When I see the national guard dancing with us, dapping us, telling us that they stand with us, I am hopeful that this country is coming together. When I see the police going out of their way to engage in conversation, and in their own way let us know not all of them are against us, I’m thankful because I know healing begins with conversations. 

Finally, when I see the entire world coming together for a Global Summer Family Reunion Barbecue, I am empowered because this time feels different. We have the support of the world. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, non-partisan, free thinkers, ect. All are invited to the Family Reunion and most have participated. Everyone seems to be invited except the sitting President of the United States, who is usually referred to as “45”.

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