CW’s Black Lightning’s Jordan Calloway and Rafi Castillo Highlight COVID-19 Fighters w/ #realherochallenge

Written by: Zuri Chellece – April 17th, 2020 8:45pm pst


During this challenging time, we must remember the positive forces doing their best to combat this crisis. AfterBuzz TV’s ‘Celebs Fighting Coronavirus’ series highlights those celebrities who are answering the call to action.  

On Thursday, April 16th, Jordan Calloway shared a post on his Instagram feed encouraging followers to highlight people working on the frontlines during the worldwide pandemic using #realherochallenge. 

Shortly after, many fans posted nurses, doctors, and social workers who risk their lives daily to keep others afloat. Rafi Castillo also known as Devonte Jones on Black Lightning, supported the #realherochallenge movement as well. Rafi shared a heartfelt post of his older sister who is a registered nurse and a recent graduate now putting in long hours to fight the pandemic.

Image provided by Rafi Castillo’s  Instagram

According to the World Health Organization, there are over 1.5 million COVID-19 cases worldwide. With such a high number of cases and no decline in sight, Rafi asked fans to do their part and stay inside. 

“Civilians, let’s do our part and STAY INSIDE! That’s it, nothing else. It’s that easy. Just STAY INSIDE!”

Jordan and Rafi can both be seen fighting their battles in Black Lightening Season 3. Black Lightning is one of CW’s highest rated shows and a great series to binge during social distancing.  

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