Big Brother’s Isabella Wang Denies Racism in Season 21

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7/29/19 5:22PM

EXCLUSIVE – Fresh out of the Big Brother house, Isabella Wang is denying reports of racism on the show’s 21st season.

Wang made it 37 days inside the house before being evicted last week by a vote of 8-2. Now that’s she’s able to see the show from the outside, she’s catching up on what the public is thinking.

“Just based on how this season is playing out, um, I did have to say I was, I was genuinely really, really surprised and I was very shocked when I found out, you know, that there was so many racial like, undertones, overtones, whatever you want to call it,” said Wang on AfterBuzz TV’s Big Brother Small World with JC Mounduix.

However, that surprise doesn’t mean agreement.

“Being a houseguest, I didn’t really necessarily feel like that,” defended Wang. “I don’t really believe that the other houseguests feel like, I think it was really coincidental and I think it is very unfortunate.”

Wang told Mounduix she can see things from America’s point of view, but inside the house is a totally different environment, where everyone is vying for the $500,000 grand prize.

“From our point of view, we’re really not there to target anyone else. We’re there to play our own game. We’re there for ourselves. There can only be one winner,” said Wang, adding, “we all want to win.”

While she denies the reports of racism, Wang is appreciative of the discussion the show has started.

“Race is definitely a conversation that America needs,” said Wang. “We’re not like, chosen to go on the show because we have like, strong racial convictions or whatever. Like, we’re there to, like, play our own game and I think that there’s been a lot of unfortunate circumstances, but also, like, it’s a discussion that we as a society needs to have. If the show does help that, that’s great.”

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