Big Brother Alums Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas Trying for Baby #2!

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7/3/19 7:05AM

The Big Brother family could soon be growing!

Big Brother 12 and 13 alum Rachel Reilly was appearing on AfterBuzz TV’s Big Brother Small World w/ JC Mounduix when she revealed some big news!

“Brendon and I are trying to have another baby,” said Reilly.

Reilly married fellow Big Brother 12 and 13 alum Brendon Villegas in September 2012. They had their first child, Adora Borealis Villegas, in April 2016. The baby was the first born from the Big Brother franchise.

While likely excited about being an aunt again, Rachel’s sister, Elissa, said she has not been a fan of the baby-making talk.

“The TMI is for real,” joked Elissa. “I’m staying at her house, unfortunately, because they’re talking baby talk and I’m like, I’m sorry, like, if you’re with your girls that’s ok, but the two of them together talking about going and making a baby, I’m like, like, vomiting.”

“Elissa said she felt like she was listening to her parents talk,” said Rachel.

Elissa jokingly replied there are only a few times when she wants to hear about baby-making.

“The only one you want to hear sex talk is if it’s like, really hot guys in a movie,” said Elissa. “You don’t want to hear the sex talk with your sister…we have sex talk when it’s just girls, that’s like really fun to talk about, but when it’s husband and wife, it’s just like, eww.”

“We were trying to creep her out a little bit, I’m not gonna lie,” admitted Rachel.

All we know is we’re excited and hopeful for another Big Brother baby. Now we will just wait and see!

For much more from Rachel and Elissa, including a lot more about Big Brother, click the link at the top of this story!

Michael Clouse

Michael Clouse


Michael Clouse is a writer and Producer at AfterBuzz TV.