Benjamin Schnau Wins Two International Acting Awards

Written by: Michael Clouse – September 25th, 2019 10:32pm PT

Winning an award is the confirmation for every actor to have delivered a great performance on screen or stage. For German born actor Benjamin Schnau, this recently happened twice.

Nominated beside many other established actors, Schnau won the award for Best Actor at the Orinos International Film Festival in Italy in July for his performance of the role Leon in the dramatic film Against all Odds. The film tells a story about Leon and Ryan, a gay couple that fights for acceptance in their community.

Just a couple of weeks before that Benjamin could already win the award for Best Supporting Actor as general Gunter Wolfgang in the historical film The Little Picture at the Top Shorts International Film Festival, a film about a lone Nazi soldier who after executing a deserter from his own division, must search for his morals when he encounters two allied deserters, who wish to find a safe path home.

These projects are just the latest for Schnau, who is starting to thrive in the industry. He recently celebrated the premiere of the movie film Divos at the TLC theatre in Los Angeles this summer and is now in preparation for the TV-series Next level, a show where heroes and villains of favorite 80s Side-Scrolling Video Games come to life.

Schnau also worked on the film Kommando 1944 as character Lehmann, with which he won a total of six awards, including the New York Film Award. He also worked on the Netflix show Nazi Megastructures as lead character Jupp Klein, produced by National Geographic.

Coming up, you’ll be able to see Schnau acting alongside Michael Shannon and Benedict Cumberbatch in The Current War, which has its United States release October 25th, 2019. 

It’s easy to say the future is very bright for Schnau with the path he’s on. We’re excited to see what’s next for this young professional!

About The Author:

Michael Clouse is the editor-in-chief for AfterBuzz TV, as well as the host of Popcorn Talk Network’s I Could Never Be. He has almost a decade of television experience, starting as a local news television reporter and anchor before transitioning to hosting.

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