Belissa Escobedo From ABC’s The Baker And The Beauty Exclusive

Belissa Escobido of ABC’s The Baker and the Beauty dishes on her favorite episode, the experience of coming out for her character Natalie and herself, plus hopes of a team-up with Lewis, played by Dan Bucatinsky in Season Two.

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Posted On: May 27th, 2020 3:15pm pst

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ABTV Loves The Baker and the Beauty: Belissa Escobedo

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Belissa Escobedo, who plays “Natalie” on The Baker and the Beauty, joins our after show to talk all about episode seven. Natalie has been a personal favorite of the panel’s and mine since the beginning of the season, and with the finale coming out next week, we couldn’t think of a better episode to have her join us! Belissa agreed,whenever I was getting asked which was my favorite episode to film, this one was it”

This was the episode where Natalie ditched school with her girlfriend Amy to rebel against her mom Mari, who has been neglecting her ever since Natalie came out as gay a few episodes prior. Even though Natalie has been so confident and resilient as a character, always knowing who she is, it hasn’t been easy for Natalie’s mom, Mari to digest this new information. 

When Natalie ditched school, she went to a concert with her girlfriend Amy, who Mari had forbidden Natalie to see. When Mari found out her daughter, who is usually well behaved, ditched school as a way to rebel against this ‘strained mother-daughter relationship’, the two were able to have a heart to heart at the end of the episode and get to a better place. Belissa tells us “I’m really glad everything worked out, because Natalie was over it, she was fed up, she was fed up with the tension in the house”. The hosts and I were excited to hear Belissa’s insight on Natalie and her storyline on ABC’s new hit rom-com The Baker and the Beauty, plus how it was playing this character. 

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We had a ton of questions we wanted to ask Belissa. When we asked her about Natalie and Amy’s relationship this season she said “I love the two of them, what I love so much about them is that they’re the youngest couple, but they’re the most steady”. I couldn’t agree more! Noa and Daniel are a mess and Mateo and Vanessa are not on the same page at the moment. 

We then asked Belissa if she sees any similarities between herself and Natalie, she replied “I found a lot of herself in me, I identify as pansexual and I came out to my parents are her age.” Belissa shared her coming out story with us, and even though it wasn’t as hard for Belissa as it is for Natalie, Belissa was still able to relate and empathize with her character. To fans who still don’t understand the idea of being gay Belissa said that “No one can describe that journey besides yourself, it is so individual, that argument is a hard one because people believe that it comes with age. Young people are so smart”. 

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When asked what she would like to see for her character Natalie in season 2 (fingers crossed the show gets picked up!!) she said “I really want Lewis and Natalie to team up, I want her to do an internship with him.” Lewis is the other gay character on the show, and I really think fans would be screaming if the two of them teamed up next season. Again, our fingers are crossed. 

With next week being the season finale and Natalie is finally having her quinceanera, we asked Belissa what we could expect – It’ll be a magnificent night but it won’t be easy getting there.”  She also mentioned that there was going to be a dance number with the Garcia’s at the party, which I am so excited for. I feel like this Latin family has been waiting all season to pull out all  the stops and break it down, so I am pumped to see what the Garcia’s will have in store. 

The soundtracks throughout the whole season have been so on point, whenever I am watching on Monday nights, I am constantly wanting to get off my couch and dance. Belissa, also gave us a little tease, letting us know that Mari was the one who made Natalie’s dress for the quinceanera. I can’t wait to see Natalie shine and have her moment next episode. 

What do you guys think is going to happen next week on the season finale of The Beauty and the Baker? Tweet me your predictions @itszacharybish and watch our aftershow only on AfterBuzz TV. It’s the final week! 

Full discussion with Belissa below:

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