Batwoman Costume Designer, Maya Mani On Never Reading Comics as a Child, to Designing Superheroes Now

Costume Designer For Batwoman and Arrow, Maya Mani, talks about designing the suits for the DC characters on The CW and the heartbreaking moment that brought everyone on set to tears

Katie Kawamoto

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Posted On: May 18th, 2020 7:20pm pst

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ABTV Loves The CW: Maya Mani

Maya Mani joined in via Zoom to break down the finale of Batwoman as well as the costuming for the other shows she designs for on The CW.  She worked on the entire run of Arrow, and more recently, Batwoman, but she has also designed for The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl as well.  Maya is the one who makes our beloved DC characters come to life week after week in amazing suits.  Due to the finale airing on May 17th, we discussed her thoughts on the episode which ended two episodes earlier than originally planned. When asked about the heartbreaking moment with Mouse and Alice, she replied saying “They shot that on the last day of filming.  There was not a dry eye on set. We were all wailing our eyes out.  When I first read that scene I emailed our showrunner, Caroline Dries, and I said ‘You’ve just broken my heart, how could you do this?’  It was a very sad moment and it was so well played, those two are incredible together.  

Although she designs costumes for one of the biggest franchises now, she had a unique story about how she got into the industry.  “Honestly, it was a dare by my neighbor. I went to see a movie with my neighbor and I said, ‘There’s something kinda bumpy about this stuff.” And he said, well if you think you can do better, you should try it.” She then spoke about working through the ranks as an assistant costume designer, styling and going to school but now “all of a sudden, here I am!”

We then had a chat about her experiences as a costume designer and the process for designing superheroes. It may be where she is now, but she was not a fan of comic books as a kid, “they were not allowed in the house, ever,” she replied.  Even though she did not read the comics growing up, she does use them to do her research now because she knows there is a very large, and loyal fan base. The interview concluded with the question of “what DC character would she want to design for in the future?” To which she responded saying, “the Joker”.  Maya and the fans alike, would all love to see that happen. 

For the rest of the Afterbuzz interview with Maya, including what costume took the longest to produce, check out the full video below. 

The entire season is available now on The CW App and website, and will eventually be going to HBO Max.  

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