Barkskins S1 E5 & E6 Recap & After Show: Barkskins S1 E5 & E6 Recap & After Show: Delphine Reveals A Deep Secret, and Mari Makes the Decision to Leave

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Welcome to History. It’s not pretty, but it IS entertaining. Nat Geo’s series Barkskins (based on the book of the same name) is here to throw you headfirst into the frontier; and we’re here with the cast and creators to throw you headfirst into Barkskins. On the AFTERBUZZ TV BARKSKINS AFTER SHOW PODCAST, we’re bridge the gap between viewer and crew as we dive into the discussion every week with the latest episodes and featuring special guest insight. Subscribe and comment.

Episode Recap

Mari and Melissande face each other at the “domo” of Trepagny, and Melissande asserts her authority. When Trepagny arrives home, he sides with Melissandre– which ultimately leads to Mari’s decision to move out with her son. In Wobik, Mathilde confronts Cooke and lets him know that she has Renardette in her custody. Mathilde begs Cooke to do no harm to the young girl, but can we really trust Cooke’s promises?
We also learn that Delphine’s would-be husband broke things off with her because of the “woodcutter’s mark” on her stomach. Delphine discusses this with Melissandre… who tells Delphine about her own secret in order to help Delphine get past what’s happened to her.
Later, Trepagny, Bouchard, and a group of men search for Rene and Father Gabriel, and they discover the two with a group of Iroquois. Chaos ensues, and most of the party end up dead. Trepagny, Bouchard, and Rene flee and end up heading back to Wobik… where, unbeknownst to Trepagny, Melissandre is staying at the inn.

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