Run BTS! celebrates its 100th episode, sponsored by FILA, thrilling ARMY with Map of the Soul 7 photos and BTS at play

Written by: Veronica Valencia – April 15th, 2020 5:32pm pst

When Run BTS! premiered back in 2015, no one would have guessed just how far this series would go, but here we are in 2020 celebrating the hit variety show’s 100th episode. Even SUGA and RM were surprised with how far Run BTS! has come. What started off as a show with only a few cameras, has now evolved into a high level production with a full camera crew and an editing team, who the members express have the most important role, and whose effects continue to heighten the members comedic moments. Throughout the years, Run BTS! has been such a positive and joyful series to experience. Thanks to the creation of Run BTS!, ARMY has the opportunity to watch the members unfiltered selves while playing a variety of different games, from singing silly tomato songs, to water sports, to cooking, in a comfortable environment. Run BTS! has not only given the members a chance to be their genuine selves and de-stress, but it also provides ARMY with the perfect escape.  

The Run BTS! 100th episode special kicks off with a brand new opening featuring “ON” and the Map Of The Soul 7 concept photos. Based on the members hair and of course, Jungkook’s tattoos, it appears the 100th episode special was filmed more recently than the previous Run episodes. BTS’s brand sponsor FILA provided a special 100th episode banner and shirts for the members to sport, while the staff prepared a cake to celebrate. The100th episode special features the members playing upgraded versions of games they liked participating in over the past 100 episodes of the variety series, with prizes to be handed out at the end. 

Members participate in a quiz to decide teams, answering questions about previous Run BTS! episodes. Whoever answered the most questions correctly would select the teams. As the questions came rolling in I have to know, how many of you ARMY’s were playing along? I know I was! In the end, it’s V who’s the Run BTS! expert. In assembling his team and realizing it’s a sports game, V immediately chooses our golden maknae because of course you choose Jungkook for any physical challenges. After selecting his brain, Jin, and his fellow ‘95, Jimin, it became the rap line vs. vocal line, or team 100 Jin vs. team Seok Baek. Although the members had to include “Baek,” meaning 100 in their team name, I’m glad to see the running gag of having Kim Seokjin be part of the team name was not lost. After all it IS good luck!

With the teams selected, the Run BTS! 100th episode special is officially underway with the first two upgraded games, badminton and foot volleyball from Run BTS! episode 54. Instead of playing while tied to their partner, the members are now playing with untraditional “rackets,” and foot volleyball would be played with a rubber ball. BTS playing foot volleyball is guaranteed to make you cry from laughter, but I’d like to give an extra shout out to our rap line for keeping us grinning from ear to ear. 100 Jin may be down in the ranks after the first two games, but who knows, a comeback is possible. Thank you BTS for keeping ARMY laughing. 

What are your thoughts on the Run BTS! 100th episode special? What are some of your favorite Run episodes? Be sure to catch part 2 of the Run BTS! 100th episode special where our boys will be playing the iron delivery bag game and the photo zone game.

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