The music celebration Bang Bang Con hits 50 million views, BTS’s albums re-entered the US iTunes Chart, and BTS returns in June with Festa?

Written by: Veronica Valencia – April 20th, 2020 11:29pm pst

Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook BTS! 

ARMY had a PACKED weekend thanks to BTS and Bang Bang Con. The online concert weekend that streamed eight of BTS’s previous concerts from The Red Bullet, HYYH, Wings, and Love Yourself eras, also included intermissions featuring music videos, Bangtan Bombs, and exclusive videos of the members providing advice for a better viewing experience. The members kindly reminded ARMY that eating, watching the show with your pets, and dancing and singing is permitted while watching. 

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Bang Bang Con wrapped with a special surprise for ARMY. At the end of the broadcast, BTS announced they will visit ARMY’s homes again in June. The recently postponed Map Of The Soul World Tour promoted two dates in June that have yet to be announced, and the June 13th date has ARMY’s wondering, will this be Festa? I mean the timing seems perfect, don’t you think!?

Bang Bang Con may be over, but the event created a lasting impact. After 23 hours of streaming, Bang Bang Con accumulated 50 million plus views, peaking at 2 million concurrent viewers from over 160 regions where 500,000 ARMY Bombs were connected, with 6.46 million hashtags tweeted and more than 50 worldwide trends reported. On top of the event’s successful social presence, Bang Bang Con created a surge in music streams, allowing for BTS’s discography to re-enter the US iTunes chart. 

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Bang Bang Con was more than a streaming marathon, but rather a celebration for BTS and ARMY. Two million ARMY were brought together in a single moment, staying up throughout the night depending on their time zone, to celebrate the past seven years of BTS’s career. We saw the first concerts with solo stages, experienced a time when ARMY Bombs only glowed one color and BT21 merch didn’t fill the stands, and witnessed the creation of the meaning of ‘purple,’ as well as their growth in both production and performance.

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Bang Bang Con not only provided an opportunity for ARMY to experience or re-experience BTS’s earlier career, but also having the concerts live streamed on YouTube made it more accessible to a wider audience who isn’t familiar with the group’s timeless discography. Viewers came to realize that although the members were just starting out, BTS’s performance has never faltered. Since the beginning, they’ve maintained professionalism, provided effortless and passionate performances, while never being afraid to show their vulnerability.

They may have started as seven, but now BTS has ARMY. We are each other’s wings, most beautiful moment in life, cosmos, and we are eternally with BTS. Thank you BTS for bringing ARMY together for this special experience. To BTS and ARMY, I purple you. 

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