The Baker and The Beauty is THE Go To Series for Latino Americans and Beyond

Get ready to laugh, dance, grow and learn español as ABC’s Baker and the Beauty starring Victor Rasuk, Nathalie Kelley Carlos Gómez, Dan Bucatinsky, Lisa Vidal, David Del Rio, Belissa Escobedo,and Michelle Veintimilla delivers long awaited, stereotype defying series for Latino American and all families in general.

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Posted On: May 26th, 2020 2:46pm pst

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ABTV Latino Loves The Baker and the Beauty

Funny thing about Quarantine is that I’m finding myself binging shows that I wouldn’t have watched previously. My time was so limited before this lockdown and I had to be picky and choose wisely what I spent my time watching. I had seen commercial previews of this new network show, The Baker and the Beauty,  but I thought it might be a little too cheesy for me, so it wasn’t even on my radar. My amiga Veronica and I were exchanging reviews of shows we had watched during the quarantine and she suggested this ABC series. I was a little skeptical at first, but because she raved so highly about it I too became curious and intrigued. 

This show is about a baker; Victor Rasuk, as Daniel Garcia who plays the unlikely love interest of Nathalie Kelley who plays Noa Hamilton, a rich international superstar. Other cast members are Carlos Gómez, as Rafael Garcia who plays Victor’s protective father. Dan Bucatinsky, as Lewis who is Noa’s cautious manager. Lisa Vidal, as Mari Garcia playing Victor’s peacemaker mother. David Del Rio, as Mateo Garcia plays Victor’s lost brother. Belissa Escobedo, as Natalie, plays Victor’s brave little sister who is exploring who she is and Michelle Veintimilla as Vanessa playing Victor’s ambitious ex-girlfriend. 

The series is hilarious and so close to home, being a Latina growing up in the states. This show is primarily in English, but also has a pinch of Spanglish, which I love because that’s how we spoke in my household. Having grown up watching novelas with my abueita, that was the closest thing that connected me to my heritage within the entertainment community. Watching networks like Univision and Telemundo shaped me into the Latina I am today; it brought me closer to my roots. This type of show is so important for our youth, to feel included in mainstream American TV, I never felt fully represented. Finally, a positive depiction of how Latinos interact in the family household; I finally see a piece of my upbringing. They really give you a feel for a Latino familia, the food that brings family together and the cultural pressures of traditions that make many Latino families feel like they are living in two worlds. Finally we are being represented, but not as American TV has always portrayed us, with negative stereotypes such as being criminals, immigrants, and housemaids, being impoverished, overly sexualized, having too many children and being uneducated. It is about time we see different perspectives. The USA is, after all, a melting pot of different cultures and we need to see those represented in the entertainment industry. We have been ignored and excluded in American media and it’s refreshing to finally see that we are being given the opportunities to show other sides of who we are in the community. Especially because my Latino peers and I didn’t grow up with negative ideas of latinos in our household, but somehow that was all I ever saw of us on television. I could never understand why my non-Latino peers were surprised that not all Latinos are struggling and uneducated. Why was I having to explain this to them? That’s why we have to change that narrative and I believe ABC did a fantastic job with a unique feel-good show. I know my abuelita would have approved!

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Needless to say, Baker and the Beauty is so refreshing, so many different personalities and each cast member is Latino! Can you imagine that?! How exciting to see a diverse group of talented latino actors all in one place and on a english network. Actress Nathalie Kelley (who is Argentian and Peruvian btw), even shares how the cast members are encouraged to improvise their Latino culture, which honestly is really unheard of;

“The fact that they really let us bring our full Latin-ness to these characters and to the show. They let [the characters] Mari and Rafael speak a lot of Spanish. Filming in Puerto Rico, there’s just an undeniable Latin flavor throughout the whole show. A majority of the writers’ room were also Latino and they would always listen to us when we would say, “Hey, maybe we can insert some dancing here, some singing.” The whole show is a love letter to Latin culture.”

The core values and issues that this show touches on are universal. There are so many layers to the relationships between these characters and just when you think you saw it all they surprise you with another plot twist. Not to mention the Latin music they play is uplifting and I find myself up dancing with them too, which is always fun. They even touch on LGBTQ issues within the family dynamic, which is super important because it brings awareness and acceptance. This show is really special and not just for the Latino community, I think it is for all cultures. So if you were skeptical like I was, I think that it is safe to say this show will not disappoint! Start binging today, you won’t regret it!

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