Bad Bunny is the Second Man To Ever Be on the Cover of Playboy

ABTV Latino’s Reggaeton Weekly talks Bad Bunny’s interviews & cover with Playboy, Jon Z’s new song “Natti, Karol, Becky,” and Becky G’s idea for her next album 

Karla Contreras

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Posted On: July 8th, 2020 12:44 pm pst

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Once again, Bad Bunny has made history for being the second man, Hugh Hefner being the first to ever be on the cover of Playboy! He has not only made his mark in Latin music, but has created an environment of inclusivity for everyone that enjoys music, while also going against the grain of what it means to be a “man” in Latin culture.

This 26 year-old from Puerto Rico discussed his sophomore album YHLQMDLG with Playboy as a project that represents the past, present, and future of reggaeton, which you can see from the features in his album that vary from OG’s to new faces in this genre. His album stands for “Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana,” or “I Do Whatever I Want,” which he admits, “may sound arrogant for some people, but it’s about not leaving things for later, not listening to people who tell you you’re wrong.” Bad Bunny makes different feel normal…A KING!

Bad Bunny is a strong supporter of women and their right to be free and express themselves as they please, and reggaeton artists Jon Z feel the same way. He dropped a new song called, “Natti, Karol, Becky,” after the artists themselves.

In an interview with El Guru he says he was inspired to make this song after seeing a picture of these three women together. He is aware that the world of reggaeton has consisted of hypermasculinity and seeing women solely as objects, therefore, seeing these three women rise to the top means a lot for the future of  Latin culture.

Not to mention, that also paves the way for other women to walk in their footsteps and be accepted more openly into what has been a male dominated genre. 

If women weren’t already excited to be getting all this love and support from the men in reggaeton, they’ll definitely be excited to know that Becky G teased in an interview that she would love to put out an album of solely women who are currently killing it in the game.

This album is unlike anything we have seen before, and she plans on calling it “Mujeres Al Poder” (Women in Power). The OG women of reggaeton, like Ivy Queen, would be very proud to see how far we’ve come! 

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