Bachelor’s Victoria F. SHADED by SNL

Written by: Jeffrey C. Graham – February 4, 2020 1:30pm PT

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Saturday Night Live (SNL) may have just released the shadiest video of 2020, so far.

During their February 1 episode, Saturday Night Live CAME FOR The Bachelor in their sketch, “Pilot Hunk” starring NFL Texan, JJ Watt playing Peter and a slew of SNL female staples all playing…”Hannah.”

The best performance in the sketch DEFINITELY came from Kate McKinnon, who played a spot-on version of Victoria Fuller. While it was never said explicitly, McKinnon referenced “Blushing so hard at the Thong Fashion Show, I can’t believe I won!” followed by saying, “I loved dancing with you to country singer, Chance Beef with you today, but he and I dated. Are you mad?”

Credit: SNL

On brand with the show, JJ Watt as Peter says, “I Love That” after everything shared with him, no MATTER what is said. But the standout line in the sketch for me was when, Melissa Villasenor said, “Watching you play soccer with poor kids made me so horny.”

SNL always NAILS their bachelor spoofs and in this sketch, they even referenced Champagne-gate. Like so many of us, the SNL writers obviously watch the show, even if they love to make fun of it. Did you catch “Pilot Hunk” on SNL Saturday? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.

Credit: SNL

Don’t forget, we’re covering tonight’s episode of The Bachelor on our featured channel, so make sure you tune in right after the show finishes airing, at 7p PST, 10p EST. Until then, you can keep up with me on Twitter @JeffreyCGraham. See you next time.

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