Bachelor LTYH Brandon Discusses ‘Tough’ Backlash For Julia Savannah Love Triangle

Brandon Mills reveals A MAJOR conversation with Julia Rae got left out on ‘Listen To Your Heart’ & discusses backlash from triangle with Julia & Savannah McKinley

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Posted On: May 13th, 2020 5:31pm pst

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ABTV Bachelor Listen to Your Heart: Brandon Mills

Singer-songwriter Brandon Mills appeared on AfterBuzz TV’s The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart after show on Tuesday, May 12, where he discussed the semifinal episode and shared what he’s been up to since the show ended!

The Nashville-based musician said he’s been working on himself during the quarantine and began collaborating with other local artists, but the coronavirus pandemic has posed its challenges. “We had some high quality video shoots set up, but quarantine kind of messed with that.” But this period has given him a lot of time to reflect!

Fans have been extremely vocal about his love triangle with Julia Rae and Savannah McKinley on social media, with many slamming how he handled the nature of both relationships. Brandon admits it’s been tough watching it all back on national TV.  “It’s been highs and lows,” he said. “I consider myself a grounded person and what was shown on the show is not who I am, especially in the holistic aspect of it all. It was rough. I caught some cheap jabs and some difficult comments. I’ve already done this work of forgiveness for myself and I’ve already asked for forgiveness from the people who needed it well before the show came out. So it was really me leading with love and empathy and compassion for the people that weren’t doing that for me. So that was super difficult but I’m so grateful for it all. It’s really allowed me to see who I am, what I need to work on, and how grounded I am in myself. And if I’m not, [here’s] what I need to work on moving forward.”

The 34-year-old veteran went on to say “there was so much left out” from important conversations that happened on the show, including a moment where he told Julia about his lingering interest to work things out with Savannah long before that infamous “earmuffs” moment with contestant Natascha Bessez.

“There was a conversation on my date with Julia in which I told her, listen, I care for Savannah, so I need to go have a conversation with her, I don’t feel like her heart’s really in it. If we can have the right conversation, I’m going to need to choose her. And if we can’t then I would love to continue this on with you because I still cared for both of them. That wasn’t shown.”

“I did a really terrible job talking to Savannah,” he continued. “I was a little fired up and a little intoxicated. I’m sure you couldn’t tell at all. So that didn’t come out the best way. But it surprised me when Julia was so responsive to Natascha, that’s what kind of threw me for a loop most of all, I guess, in the entire show. That’s one of those things.”

That certainly changes things! Still, Brandon understands why fans might be upset with his behavior on the show.

“I didn’t always say everything right but I did try to be honest with everybody and sometimes that bites you in the ass.”

Now, he’s able to look back on the experience as “a mirror of self-reflection,” and is excited to continue growing as an artist. “I just realized that I got some s**t I need to work on.”

Brandon said he was able to meet up with Savannah in Los Angeles the day after their breakup and formally apologize. “ I got to let her know and apologize for what I did and how I did it. Not so much that I was having feelings for two people, I won’t apologize for that. But I did apologize for the way I conveyed that to her cause it didn’t go smoothly. She’s super sweet and super humble and a good human being, and she was able to forgive me. We’re still friends and I still care about her. She’s an amazing human being.”

As for where he stands with Sheridan Reed? Brandon says they’re “cordial.”

“I’ve reached out to Sheridan. He’s been very cordial about the whole thing but I don’t think that has been fully forgiven. The worst part is that we bonded pretty tight over the show until that date, so that was unfortunate” adding, “I’m sure if Sheridan were to hear this, he might reach out and say what’s up because I don’t think he has any ill will towards me. That probably stung and I can understand why.”

Be sure to follow Brandon Mills on all platforms! You can find him on Instagram @brandonmillsmusic and keep up with him at Be sure to look out for his new single Glistening, available on all platforms on May 29. For more of Brandon’s thoughts on this season, check out our full after show here!

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