Ayesha Curry’s Mother’s Day Salute from AfterBuzzTV

Happy Mother’s Day to creator, leader, entrepreneur, giver and mother, Ayesha Curry from AfterBuzz TV 

Elgin Ball

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Posted On: May 6th, 2020 2:24pm pst

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ABTV Happy Mothers Day Ayesha Curry 

When I think of the term “mother”, the first things that come to mind are “protector, provider and leader”. These are the qualities that are instinctually given to those who bear children.  It might be one of the most difficult jobs you can possibly have.  

When I think of strong mothers who exemplify this kind of behavior in the entertainment industry, there are many names that easily run through my mind, and Ayesha Curry is most definitely one of those people! 

Ayesha Curry gave birth to her first daughter, Riley Curry 7 years ago and has so far added two more bundles of joys to the mix with Ryan and Canon Curry. Between managing restaurants, televisions shows, and many other ventures, Ayesha completely dominates being a boss and a mother at the same time.  She’s a well-seasoned pro in both areas.  Not to mention those amazing cookbooks!

What’s even more amazing is that Ayesha says  that being a mom has actually developed her skills and talents as a business-owner. In a recent interview she said  “I have three children, so I’ve had to grow four invisible arms,” she explains. “I’ve definitely learned efficiency through being a parent. It’s helped me in my business tenfold.”   It’s amazing to know just how much being a mother can train you for success in other spheres of life. 

When talking about such a stellar woman, we would be remiss if we did not include Ayesha’s mother Carol Alexander, who raised Ayesha to be the person she is today. Having given her the tools necessary to be a complete boss in her field of expertise, and giving her long lasting advice on a good marriage, Carol Alexander did a phenomenal job raising an amazing mother. 

 We salute boss mom and entrepreneur Ayesha Curry as a mother who definitely has set a precedent for moms all over the world, and showed us just how rewarding it is to be a mother who can multitask many tremendous ventures while still having an impact on her kids life. 

If you wanted to stay updated on this boss mama you can check her out on all platforms with the username @Ayeshacurry.  You can also catch her on shows like Chopped, Family Food Fight and Ayesha’s Homemade or if you’re looking to make some good food you can also check out some of her amazing cookbooks. If you’re as big a fan of Ayesha as we are, share this article with a friend. 

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