Ashley’s Decisions Will Bring Consequences.

Ashley and Tad break the rules and Brooke’s addiction to video gaming comes back, putting her in jeopardy of not finishing her presentation for her internship. 

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Posted On: July 26th, 2020 7:20 pm pst

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Now time for that review: *SPOILER ALERT!*

In part 2 episode 3 ‘Unintended Consequences’ of Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love!

In this episode, we learn about Ashley’s official date with Tad, she is super excited for but is also nervous because she wants to make sure that Tad and she are totally compatible, We also learn that living with a teenager can also be hard for uncle Victor, he quickly lets Ashley know they are consequences for her actions, which he really can’t make clear. 

While uncle Victor learns that his former teammate Terrel Owens, has written a book and is excited because he thinks he is mentioned in the book but turns out he is right but not in the light that he expects. We also learn about Brooke’s previous passion. 

While Ashley is on her date with Tad she quickly gets an adrenaline rush about breaking the rules. Tad lets her know that it’s ok to break the rules once in a while, but when he sees he has created a monster he lets her know that he also does follow the rules and listens to his father, coach, and follows any rules they have for him. I know sometimes when we have been under pressure like Tad and Ashley it may be hard to not want to break the rules or not want to fall off the wagon but it’s ok if we’re not always on it just remember that everything we do has consequences. We clearly see this happen when Tad slips on the slippery floor, where ice has melted and Ashley was supposed to clean up the mess. She also breaks her curfew which also upsets uncle Victor.

Credit: Netflix

We see Brooke’s previous passion when she goes over Ashley’s house to pick up her USB, but quickly becomes addicted once again while trying to help uncle Victor play a video game. We learned that she was a gamer a few years back but had stopped since she was addicted, Stick, and uncle Victor learns that she is actually really good. Stick is worried because Brooke has not finished with her presentation, for her internship at GEMS and fears she may not get it if she doesn’t finish her presentation. We all have been there when we have deadlines and we know that we have them, but we can get distracted by other plans or PROCRASTINATION can be your worst enemy.

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