Ashley Overcomes Her Fear Of Failure

In order to succeed Ashley needs to take the pressure off her shoulders and Brooke revamps her T-Shirt line.

Jennifer Lopez

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Posted On: July 26th, 2020 11:46 pm pst

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Now time for that review: *SPOILER ALERT!*

In part 2 Episode 2 ‘Failure is Not an Option’ of Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love!

In this episode we see Ashley working really hard for her upcoming presentation at JPL. We all have been there when we work so hard on big projects that are important for us and we do whatever it takes to make sure our project is perfect whether it be for school or work. 

That is exactly what Ashley is doing, even getting help from Stick on getting a closing joke. See one of Ashley’s bosses Dr. Ling isn’t the easiest person to talk to or even smile too, so she is trying to get her to laugh so that her project could be the one picked. 

Unfortunately, her project got turned down and Ashley went into a big funk and did not want to see anybody including Tad that only wants to be there for her. We also see uncle Victor not making things quite easier. Dr. Ling is part of Victor’s fantasy football group and Dr. Ling wants one of Victor’s players that he chooses, after seeing how upset Ashley over her project not being picked at JPL. Victor decides to bribe Dr. Ling offers his player and asks Dr. Ling to have Ashley’s project picked. Dr. Ling is shocked and it doesn’t go the way Victor thought. He lets Ashley know about the incident, Ashley is upset because she was feeling better and was wanting to take a chance and talk to her boss about her project but now because of Victor’s talk with Dr. Ling feels she can’t do that anymore. 

I totally feel for Ashley sometimes it’s hard to accept failure especially when you have worked so hard on something with sweat and tears, either not getting chosen or acknowledged can be really hard, but that is when you keep going and move forward and continue working hard and pushing through. When you least expect it things always work out and you are where you are supposed to be.

On the other hand, we got Brooke wanting to revamp her T-Shirts and sell, but she is good with words, and people are looking for funny shirts to buy. Stick gladly volunteers to help her since he helped Ashley with her closing joke for the project he figured he was the funny guy. Until Tad comes along and has funnier ideas for the shirt Brooke was to design and sell. Brooke decides to go with Tad’s and Stick’s idea to sell both the shirts. I am glad that Brooke decided to give both guy’s ideas a chance even if it was clear that Tad’s idea was a funnier one. She let Stick know that what counts is that he makes her happy and it doesn’t matter that he is not always the funny one.

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