‘Ashley Garcia’ Teaches Girls To Not Feel Pressured During Their First Kiss.

Latinx Netflix Series ‘Ashley Garica’ gives young girls positive influence on their first kiss and not to be peer pressured. 

Russell Ray

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Posted On: July 24th, 2020 2:49 pm pst

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ABTV Latino Presents: Netflix’s ‘The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia’ Review

Lead actress Paulina Chavez and her co-star JenCarlos Canela deal with a teenager’s first kiss in Ep 2  Season 1, “Spin, Doctor.” Teenage genius Ashley Garcia is in the midst of her first boy crush when she’s hit with the idea of wanting Tad to kiss her. Unbeknownst to what goes on when she’s not home, Gacias Uncle Victor scares Tad into not kissing his niece when she’s over tutoring him. Later in the episode, Garcia goes to her first girls night to try and relate to other kids her age, when the game “spin the bottle” is mentioned by a new friend and boys show up to play. The episode leaves Ashley to make a decision on the fate of her first kiss. 

“Spin, Doctor” gives subtle messages to young girls when it comes to peer pressure. Ashley Garcia finds herself in a dilemma of wanting to kiss a boy by the name of Tad. The issue the robotics genius is having, is that she’s been focused on school, so there’s been no room for boys or experience in the relationship field. Her overprotective uncle helps her with the decision when he threatens Tad but later retracts his threat, only to give Tad his blessing to pursue Ashely. After her friends present the opportunity to kiss Tad, Ashely decides that she wants her first kiss to be more than a game with mutual friends. After her uncle Victor sends a spy to the party to catch Ashley at an under age party, he makes his way in only to embarrass her infront of all her new friends. After the confrontation uncle Victor leaves and Ashley tells her friends that she wants a romantic moment for her first kids. Her friends gush over the idea and encourage her to pursue that image of the perfect first kiss. 

This series episode makes way for uncomfortable conversations between parents and children. Let’s call facts, FACTS. Many of us have had the idea of a perfect first kiss, but some of us were peer pressured into kissing someone we might not have wanted to. For those of you guardians who are raising teenagers in today’s time, I wish you the utmost strength. Today’s kids are exposed to a plethora of online content available at their fingertips. Some toddlers are watching kids YOUTUBE and TikTok is all the new craze taking more time of many young adults and teens than Instagram. Some parents and guardians have issues speaking to their kids about sexuality, relationships and romance, but the important part is to be there for them. This episode shows the close connection with uncle Victor and Ashely and the trust that each one of them need to have in each other in order to keep the lines of communication open. 

This episode can really help young girls who might be struggling with major decisions (major teenage decisions) when it comes to peer pressure. Many young girls have friends who want to help them achieve whatever it is they seek, but sometimes it’s indirect peer pressure and committing to something you might not want to do like having your first kiss. In Ashley’s case, she set an example in the episode that standing up for yourself is always the right thing to do despite what the majority might think. I believe this episode would give at least one young girl struggling with this issue to have that honest conversation with her friends to say a kiss or boyfriend just isn’t the right move for her. 

This episode is definitely a positive example for girls to take control of their lives and exceed their own expectations while maintaining control of their own life and decisions. A major issue in 2020 in the age of the internet is that growing up is harder than it seems because everyone wants to be grown like the people on instagram.  If you’re a parent and struggling to have this conversation with your kids, give this series a watch and use it as a tool to open up conversation. 

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