Ashley Argota Talks About Asian & Pacific Islander Representation In Hollywood

The Fosters & Lab Rats star Ashley Argota dished on being Filipina in the entertainment industry, next steps for more Asian & Pacific Islander representation, and also shouted out her queen Sandra Oh!

Bryant Santos

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Posted On: July 30th 2020 6:43 pm pst

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If you asked a young Ashley Argota what she wanted to be when she grows up, she probably would’ve told you that she’d love to be an actress. However, the Filipina superstar probably wouldn’t have guessed that she’d have an incredible career in entertainment. 

From starring roles on hits such as True Jackson VP (she’s hoping for a reboot like the rest of us y’all) to spots on shows like The Fosters and Lab Rats; the talented young actress, singer, and entertainer has taken Hollywood by storm where she has no plans of stopping any time soon.

These days, Argota has been making waves by highlighting diversity and representation for Asians and Pacific Islanders in entertainment. A recent viral TikTok of her saying she’d love to be the first Filipina superhero had the internet SHOOK and opened up Ashley’s eyes to how she has impacted the industry already.

Through her work on stage, on screen, and on her Mismo podcast (which she does with her loving Fiancé) Ashley Argota has been continuing to push the Asian community forward and shared exactly how the industry can keep their diversity momentum going.

“I think truly just exploring the other cultures. Yes I’m Asian, but I’m Filipino….I think also not casting us as like the token Asian role. I am so grateful that I got to play sidekicks and best friends to smart powerful women. But I can also play a leading role, and I’m not given those opportunities. Nine times out of 10, I’m given the supporting lead roles. I think it’s time that people started looking to Asians and Pacific Islanders to fill those lead roles.”

Speaking of successful Asian leads, Ashley was not shy to share how much she is inspired by the iconic Sandra Oh, who is a perfect example of an incredibly talented Asian lead.

“I love Sandra Oh more than I’m willing to put into words. The Princess Diaries is my favorite movie of all time and watching her navigate Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy is incredible. To watch an Asian woman be so smart and cool and badass and be a lead in a huge TV show is just amazing.”

While Ashley is grinding as an actress and singer and hoping for her dream role as the first Filipina superhero, she’s also continuing to share her talents on stage as well. Argota tackles roles for a local theater in Los Angeles and while her current theater highlights diversity incredibly well (they casted her as Cher from Clueless!), she feels that there is still more work to be done for diversity and representation in theater as a whole.

To continue to highlight diversity in entertainment, Ashley and her husband make it their personal mission to discuss such topics on their growing podcast Mismo. In this podcast, the adorable couple talk to working actors in the industry about the middle zone of their careers.

“Being in the business for so long, you don’t really hear about what being an actor is like EVERY DAY. What was it like when you went to ten auditions but heard no’s, what was it like when you moved to LA for a pilot and it wasn’t picked up, that’s what we discuss.”

My discussion with Ashley was absolutely incredible and as a Pacific Islander myself, it was so refreshing to speak with someone who is using their platform to highlight these underrepresented communities and show exactly what people of these communities can do.

If you’re dying to see Ashley play the first Filipina superhero, you unfortunately might have to wait a little longer due to the COVID19 pandemic. However, you can check out all of Ashley’s other awesome roles in the meantime and even follow her on social media to check out what she’s up to next!

Ashley shared the deets of a fun project she’s currently working on with friends (don’t get all judgey, it’s mostly shot over Zoom and the production is extremely safe!), and also dished on a fun film she has coming out this holiday season titled I Hate New Years.

Be sure you’re following her on socials @ashleyargota9 to stay in the loop on these releases, check out her awesome podcast, and even see how this star is keeping busy at home!

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