Ashlee and Evan S:1 Do E:6

Ashlee and Evan are confident and ready to share their new music in tonight’s season finale of Ashlee + Evan. With their famous sisters (Jessica and Tracee), friends, and children in tow, the stylish duo take the stage and perform songs off their EP!

Ever wonder what Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross were up to?! OF COURSE YOU DID! And so did we! After many sleepless nights hoping for a show, we have one now! On the ASHLEE AND EVAN AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW, tune in weekly for fan discussion of each episode breaking down everything happening in Ashlee and Evan’s life. Subscribe and comment for weekly news and gossip and possible guest interviews!

Following Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross, son of music legend Diana Ross, as they try to balance their lives as rock stars, new parents, and the pressures of living up to their infamous family names.