‘Arthur’: The Impact Of The 25 Season Show

With the recent cancellation of PBS’s Arthur, we’re taking a look back at what made this 25 season children’s show so impactful.

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PBS Cancels Arthur

Credit: PBS

After 25 years on air, to the dismay of fans, PBS has cancelled production of popular children’s program Arthur. Although the show was officially cancelled back in 2019, no public announcements had been made until last week. Not only was the show known for its valuable life lessons, it also held a special place in people’s hearts for its relatability and down right meme-ability.

The amount life-lessons Arthur spewed was insane. Whether it be discussing the importance of reading, addressing body issues that develop as you grow, or simply accepting getting older, Arthur was able to handle these topics so well in an insightful yet entertaining way. So few children’s shows, except for Sesame Street perhaps, were able to discuss anything that serious so often, let alone for 25 seasons. The ability for characters to grow and struggle yet still maintain their kindness and compassion towards others is a commendable feat that the writers were able to expertly maintain for so long. 

Another aspect of Arthur that certainly led to its popularity and memorability was its use of insanely catchy songs like the ‘Library Card‘ song or ‘Jekyll Jekyll Hyde’ to teach young audiences lasting lessons. It’s tough to forget such important information if it’s wrapped in a catchy melody. Honestly I still use some of the songs to remember stuff. Any time I need to spell aardvark, I just hum that insanely catchy song about it… works like a charm.

If not for the authenticity and creativity, Arthur  was best remembered for its meme-ability. Whether it be the ‘D.W. staring through the gate’ or the ‘Arthur’s fist’ meme that lasted for what felt like a decade, the show was able to bring a specific sense of humor that many other kid’s programs lacked and they used that attribute successfully. It’s difficult for any show to maintain relevance for 25 seasons, so it says a lot about how impactful the content within Arthur was and how that made its way into very popular meme culture. 

PBS’s Arthur, in it’s 25 season run, was a show that was always willing to go the extra mile when it came to education and entertainment. With such a lasting impact in both the academic sphere as well as a lasting presence in the meme community, it’s unlikely to see another show match its relevancy and popularity for quite a while.

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