Arnold Schwarzenegger Celebrated 73rd Birthday W/ His Family

Arnold Schwarzenegger spent his 73rd birthday with his family including; Patrick Schwarzenegger, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Christina Schwarzenegger, Christopher Schwarzenegger, and his son in law, Chris Pratt. 

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Posted On: August 9th, 2020 10:20 pm pst

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, 73, was recently spotted with his entire  family celebrating his 73rd birthday. The Terminator actor and ex governor, was smiling as his son in law, Chris Pratt, snapped a picture of the family and he blew out the candles. Despite taking the picture, Pratt commented on Patrick Schwarzenegger’s post, crediting himself for the picture, stating, “What a great photo! Now that’s a photographer with a great eye. The composition, the balance, the focus. Whoever took that photo is probably a pro. Was it Annie Leibovitz? For heavens sake? Somebody very talented I guess we’ll never know since you didn’t give photo credit.” 

The entire Schwarzenegger family was at the birthday celebration, including ex wife Maria Shriver as well as; son in law Chris Pratt ,41, daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger-Pratt, 30, daughter Christina Schwarzenegger, 29, son Patrick Schwarzenegger, 26 and son Christopher, 22. 

Schwarzenegger family celebration 

Source: Patrick Schwarzenegger Instagram

The family has been spending a lot of bonding time together as we enter the 5th month of quarantine. Patrick Schwarzenegger has been seen posting snapchats and instagram pictures/videos of himself and his dogs at his mother Maria’s home in Santa Monica, CA. 

Meanwhile, Katherine Schwarzenegger-Pratt, is currently pregnant as she is expecting with husband Chris Pratt. Posting to instagram, stating in a cute hiking selfie, “ Ready to pop/Still don’t stop” as the caption. 

Daughter Christina Schwarzenegger is an actor & producer, as son Patrick Schwarzenegger is an entrepreneur and model! Son Christopher Schwarzenegger is a student at University of Michigan. The family clearly is very close and has nothing but love for each other!  

Happy 73rd birthday Arnold Schwarzenegger! We’re glad you were able to spend the day with your loved ones. 

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