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Written by: Michael Clouse – September 12th, 2019 8:43am PT

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The Are You The One? season might be over, but the cast is getting together Thursday for one last run to share never before heard stories, and you can watch LIVE.

The 8th season of the dating show on MTV, titled, “Come One, Come All,” wrapped Monday with the results coming down to the wire. In the final episode, the remaining couples matched up, winning $750,000 for the entire group.

This season of the show was met with critical acclaim for being the first season to feature all gender-fluid contestants, meaning any one of the 16 contestants could match with anyone else. This added a new level of intrigue to the popular show.

Now, the cast is reuniting at AfterBuzz TV to share more about their dating adventures, makeouts, and heartbreak. The special episode will be LIVE at 7pm Pacific Time, on AfterBuzz TV’s YouTube channel.

The reunion will feature Kai Wes, Amber Martinez, Max Gentile, Danny Prikazsky, and Jenna Brown in the AfterBuzz TV studios in Los Angeles, with Remy Duran, Paige Cole, Aasha Wells, Brandon Davis, Jonathan Monroe, Basit Shittu, Kari Snow, Kylie Smith, and Jasmine Olson joining from all over the country via Skype.

AfterBuzz TV hosts Lem Gonsalves, Melody Rose, Nicolette Gaona, and Nino Llanera have covered Are You The One? every week on their aftershow and will be interviewing all the guests Thursday. They’ll be taking fan questions so make sure to join in the LIVE chat to ask anything you want about the season.


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Michael Clouse is the editor-in-chief for AfterBuzz TV, as well as the host of Popcorn Talk Network’s I Could Never Be. He has almost a decade of television experience, starting as a local news television reporter and anchor before transitioning to hosting.

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