Are You Strong Enough to Live Alone in the Alaskan Bush? – S1 E5 ‘Win the Wilderness’ Recap & After Show

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     What’s grander than surviving the wilds of mother nature in Alaska? Doing it with your significant other. Join the WIN IN THE WILDERNESS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW as we explore the rugged Alaskan wilderness! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

Episode Recap

The competition is heating up as there are only two spots left to go up to Ose mountain to be judged by Duane and Rena. Our group’s first task – meeting and learning about sled dogs and then clearing a new sled dog path – they split up into two groups, tackle the path from opposite sides and meet in the middle quite successfully. After this challenge, Tina and Chris get called up to the mountain where they must work together to clean out a retaining pond for water. Three of the couples visit a bison farm and participate in the killing and butchering of a bison, which at over 300 pounds is enough meat to last two adults an entire year. After a few more early morning chores Duane and Rena decide that Chris and Tina are worthy to stay on and continue their dream to own the log cabin mansion in Alaska. There’s only one spot left – who will stay in the running for their wilderness dream??

  • Hosts: Kay Montgomery, Ashmin Ram, Mike Thieling

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