Arcángel’s New Single ‘No Hay Amor’ is Part of Fast & Furious 9 Soundtrack

Arcángel has officially announced that he will be a part of the soundtrack for Fast and Furious 9 & Bad Bunny has a mini-documentary with YouTube!

Karla Contreras

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Posted On: July24th, 2020 6:11 pm pst

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Reggaeton artist Arcángel recently dropped a new song called “No Hay Amor,” which he has announced will be a part of the soundtrack for Fast and Furious 9. Fast and the Furious first started back in 2001, and has remained popular on the big screen for about two decades. On top of expecting some Latin flavor in this movie, we can also expect to see John Cena as an assassin, named Jakob, who is out to kill his brother Dom (Vin Diesel). According to the official trailer, this storyline is unlike anything we have seen in Fast in the Furious before. Between John Cena and Arcángel being a part of this project, there is a lot to look forward to! 

Another thing you MUST watch is Bad Bunny’s new mini-documentary with YouTube Music Artist Spotlight Stories. This ten minute documentary was directed by Kristian Mercado as a psychedelic portrait of this reggaeton superstar.

He describes his childhood, his dreams for the future, social issues, and the power we all have to manifest our dreams and make a difference. Bad Bunny explains how amazing it is to see people who don’t even understand what he is saying or know the language still love his music, which only validates how much power music and art have.

You don’t need to know what someone is saying to know that the art they are creating makes you feel good inside. He also explains how important it is for him to continue pushing the limits, because through his bravery many others like him will be able to come forward and make even more groundbreaking art. The most important thing he preaches throughout this mini-doc is to let go of everything you know about the past and how things should be, and create the world you want to see! 

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