Anthony Scaramucci Pulled Movie Funding To Finance Trump Campaign

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Anthony Scaramucci was betting big on a movie before he bet big on Donald Trump.

In an interview with Popcorn Talk Network on Tuesday, Plus One creators Jeff Chan and Anthony Rhymer revealed Scaramucci was an initial investor in their film, before surprisingly backing out for reasons unknown at the time.

“We didn’t have nearly that much perspective,” said Rhymer. “For a solid, I don’t know, year, or six months, like, it was a good day when we got an email from Anthony Scaramucci or his team, like, well, not directly from him but his team and company, involving you know, the uh, the financing of our movie.”

Then, out of the blue, the message changed.

“We didn’t know really the, what the situation was. We just knew that the company, like, completely fell apart and they were backing out,” said Rhymer.

“We didn’t get a memo saying, he’s pulled out to finance Trump’s campaign. He pulled out, that sucked. You know, you think it’s you. You’re like, what did we do wrong?” questioned Chan.

Fast forward and it became clear what happened.

“The article hits a month and a half later in the New York Times that says, Anthony Scaramucci to Finance Trump’s Camp– Campaign,” said Chan, “going for that Communications Director job.”

The movie then sat in limbo for a year while Chan and Rhymer tried to find more funding. Thankfully, more money eventually came through and the movie was made.

Now, they share a laugh about what would have happened if Scaramucci would have stayed on the project.

“We did realize um, at one point, we did sort of the math of realizing if we had, um, if it had come out we would have been, like, within a week of trying to take  the movie to market with his, uh, his eight day, uh, part at, piece as, uh, uh, Communications Director,” said Rhymer. “That would have been a whole different trajectory.”
Plus One comes out in theaters this coming weekend, on June 14th.
Michael Clouse

Michael Clouse


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