Annie Runs from the Troll, But Ends Up… Huh?! – S2 E1 & E2 ‘Shrill’ Review & Recap

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Episode Recap

In Episode 1, Annie is running from her troll, Kevin, after destroying his property by throwing a brick through the window of his car. Her and Ryan find refuge at a campsite where they ‘go down’ on one another after 2 and 4 day old unwashed genitalia, and are interrupted by a Boy Scout group! She then discovers that her mom has skipped town to have some “me” time in Vancouver. This confuses Annie because what is her mom trying to escape from? Annie’s dad is alone and panics because he cannot locate camping Annie and was only left a note by his wife that she is vacationing in Vancouver. Is this a mid-life crisis for Annie’s mom? We seem to think so when she purchases a red Kentucky Derby hat that is out of her style range. In Episode 2, Annie discovers details about her internet troll, including his name and his place of work. She scams her way in and confronts her troll, “Kevin” unexpectedly outside of his glass conference room and blackmails him for an interview to write about for her new freelance writing career. Annie really is trying to find her footing after quitting her job at The Weekly Thorn. She realizes freelancing isn’t as lucrative or as easy to live from as she steals food and toiletries from her parent’s home while visiting. Poor Annie can’t catch a break!
  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Rachel Goodman @rachelgoodmanauthor and Angele Taylor @angeletaylor_

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