Angela Kicked Out of The US Embassy? -S7 E11 ‘90 Day Fiancé’ Review & Recap

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Meeting and marrying in less than three months might sound unreal, but we’re here to tell you the truth on the 90 DAY FIANCE AFTER SHOW. We’ll follow along with all the couples as they embark on the speed dating session of a lifetime. Join us as we break down daily news, every episode, every spinoff, and even exclusives you won’t get anywhere else but AfterBuzz TV!

Episode Recap

Sinjin and Tania have their fortune read, and Tania drops a bomb on Sinjin and tells him that he is not her soulmate. Michael’s family is candid about wanting Michael to move on from Angela and start his own family. Blake and Jasmine are still not seeing eye to eye about drinking and hanging out with friends. Will this duo last? Emily and Sasha decide to rush to the alter, but is Sasha really on board? Robert’s brother Kenny gives Annie a hard time, but she doesn’t back down without a fight. Michael and Juliana have their big day, and Juliana gets her dream dress.
  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Alex Bowers @heyalexbowers, Stacy Olivas @stacey_olivas, Linda Antwi @lindaissogirlie, Ashley Bowden @mizzashleymaire

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