An ARMY’s Guide To BTS Content

Do you know BTS? An ARMY’s guide to BTS content details albums, video series, mobile video games, musters, Bangtan Bombs and more!

Veronica Valencia

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Posted On: May 12th, 2020 4:05pm pst

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Whether you became a fan after the 2017 Billboard Music Awards or it was their appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke that hooked you, the fact of the matter is you now find yourself stanning BTS. As with any artist you take an interest in, you’re curious to know all about them. Lucky for you, BTS has put out a TON of content for the BTS ARMY to consume, and here’s a quick guide on what to listen, watch, and play, to get to know these Bulletproof Boy Scouts. 

First, there’s all of BTS’ music to jam out to. This includes full length albums, mini albums, Japanese albums and singles, compilation albums, and special edition albums, giving you over 20 albums worth of music! On top of all of BTS’ albums as a group, there’s also mixtapes, like RM, Mono, Agust D, and Hope World, put out by the members, as well as collaborations with other music artists. Want to see the evolution of Bangtan? Be sure to watch all their music videos!

Want to experience the fun, comical side of BTS? For that, there’s Run BTS!, a variety show consisting of over 100 episodes on VLIVE, where the members participate in numerous games. I’m talking games ranging from cooking challenges, water sports, trivia games, and just a whole lot of wacky shenanigans to give you an idea. Be sure to also check out BTS’ VLIVE channel, where the members will often go live, participating in crafts, Q&A’s, and their own personal content like ‘Eat Jin’ and ‘TaeTaeFM.’ 

Photo Credit: Run BTS!_Big Hit Entertainment

After staying up until all hours of the night watching Run BTS!, you should next binge Bon Voyage, a show where ARMY’s experience the adventures of the members vacationing in a foreign country. Bon Voyage currently has four seasons with eight episodes each, including bonus material, and can be watched on VLIVE+ and Weverse, the official BTS social network from Big Hit Entertainment.  

On YouTube, there are over 1,000 videos on BANGTANTV, featuring fun behind the scenes moments throughout BTS’ career known as Bangtan Bombs and Episodes. BANGTANTV also uploads live stages, dance rehearsals, trailers, music video reactions from the members, live streams, and videos detailing the group’s projects such as ‘Connect BTS.’

Photo Credit: BANGTANTV_Big Hit Entertainment

For the more serious side of BTS, you can watch their documentaries BTS: Burn The Stage and Burn The Stage The Movie on YouTube Premium, Bring The Soul The Movie, Bring The Soul Docu-Series, and the Break The Silence Docu-Series on Weverse. Burn The Stage follows the members during their 2017 Wings World Tour, portraying their hardships and growth as artists. Bring The Soul focuses on the untold stories from their Love Yourself World Tour, while Break The Silence will show the intimate moments from both the Love Yourself and Speak Yourself World Tours.

There’s also BTS concert movies and musters, or fan club events where BTS and ARMY come together for a special performance. There’s season’s greetings packages and FESTA, where BTS celebrates the anniversary of their debut with even more pictures, video content and songs! Seriously can there be any more content? The answer to that question is yes! BTS has many media interviews and performances you can tune into, with appearances ranging from performing on Saturday Night Live, to taking over Grand Central Terminal with Jimmy Fallon, to playing ‘Hide and Seek’ with James Corden. 

Finally, BTS are big gamers. You didn’t think they’d have all this content and not gift ARMY’s with a game did you? In 2019, BTS released BTS World, a free to play mobile video game where ARMY plays as BTS’ manager, preparing the idol group for debut. Oh, and the mobile game came with an original soundtrack. It was double the gift!

Photo Credit: BTS WORLD_Netmarble

As I reach the end of this article, it’s clear how hard BTS works and how much they love ARMY. They create so much for their fans and it won’t take you long into consuming all of this content, to really get to know each of the members, their personalities, and feel like you’ve really connected with them. 

What BTS content will you be binging? For more BTS news and to hear our coverage of BTS’ Break The Silence Docu-Series, stay tuned to AfterBuzz TV. To BTS and ARMY, I purple you.

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