Dispatches from AMC’s Elsewhere’s Eve Lindley Describes Cave of Kelpius Kiss with Jason Seigel and Vision for Role as Simone

Written by: Shyntel DelAguila – April 9th, 2020 12:50 am pst

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Actress Eve Lindley sits down and chats with the Afterbuzz Tv’s Dispatches from Elsewhere panel to finally reveal the underlying truth between the Jejune Institute and the Elsewhere Society. Plus, she talks about the big romantic kiss with Jason Segel.

The hit series on AMC follows a group of four strangers put together to play a game of mystery and adventure. During episode seven, Eve’s character, Simone, felt destroyed after discovering the game was not as real as it seemed.

“I think particularly in the moments where we are in that forest and everything…we think we’re about to expose some deep truth and then we realize this has all been as Simone says ‘this is all a lesson in cooperation,” she said. 

When chatting about the big romantic scene between Peter and Simone at the afterparty, Eve first expressed her hesitations about kissing on camera, only after realizing her role was less embarrassing than Jason’s. 

“It took me a minute to realize that Jason was the one who is like singing in front of a bunch of people and that I have the easier job in that scene.” 

Eve also mentioned how you see the characters evolve throughout the episodes and even at the particular moment when everything falls apart and their quest becomes revealed, the group still finds a way to push forward and grow. 

“The whole party scene it’s like every character has an opportunity to revert back to how they were before the game started…but they all kind of do contrary actions to what they would normally do.”

In regards to what she wanted to portray within her character, Eve Lindley added: 

“We’re meeting her at what she thinks is the end of her story… I really wanted to put into her character the idea that she’s very self-sufficient, she doesn’t think she’s owed anything, you know she’s very like I’m a loner, I do my thing.” 

You can stream all seven episodes online at AMC.com and watch Monday night’s at 9 p.m. PST on AMC. 

Catch up on more episodes of Dispatches from Elsewhere on Afterbuzz Tv’s Youtube channel live, every Tuesday night 9 p.m. PST on Youtube. 

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