Ambitions’ Brely Evans Shares Advice Oprah Gave Her

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8/17/19 4:27PM

Brely Evans isn’t leaving it to chance on playing Oprah in a future biopic. She’s got the support of the Queen herself!

Evans currently stars as Rondell Lancaster on the show Ambitions, which actually airs on Oprah’s OWN network. She guested on AfterBuzz TV’s Ambitions aftershow and shared with hosts AJ Talks, DJ Deeran, Taquaila Jackson, and Rocky Harris how she opened up to Oprah about the biopic at a fundraising gala for Minnie’s Food Pantry.

“I want y’all to know there were people giving hundreds and thousands of dollars at a time. Uh, yes, ‘I’d like to give $250,000,’ yes, uh, or ‘we’ll donate $100,000.’ Like people were, and I leaned over to my mom and said, ‘mommy, I want to give,’ said Evans.

Evans said she didn’t have a lot of money at the time, but felt called to do something big.

“Sometimes you guys when you feel that something, you gotta go for it even if you think you might look crazy, cause I was like I got a a thousand dollars I can give but I, I was like, you know what, I don’t care,” said Evans, “cause I remember a little Bible verse that said, ‘the woman who gave the least gave the most.'”

This lead Evans to get creative.

When Oprah came to her to ask if she wanted to donate, she said, “I’m going to give a thousand dollars to this organization for the next ten years, cause I can do that, and she [Oprah] said, ‘and what else?’ I was like, ‘um, and when I play you, I’m going to give my check to Minnie’s food pantry.'”

There was a slight pause and Evans waited to see what Oprah would say.

“She looked at me, grabbed both of my hands, looked me dead in my pupils and said, ‘believe it,'” remembered Evans. “She said, ‘believe it,’ like she, and she shook me like this, and I was like, ahh.”

It didn’t take long for things to get moving. As in, just a couple hours!

“It was so funny that after, we went to the after party and there were millionaires in this room. Obviously the room was very wealthy and I was so blessed to be apart of it, coming up to me saying, how can we help you produce this? And I said, oh Lord, so you gonna give me the producer checks so I give the acting check away,” gushed Evans. “So I am really, like, putting this thing out into the universe. It’s on my vision board. I’m talking about it. I’m being, saying, ok God.”

Whenever someone doubts her, Evans takes it as fuel. It drives her!

“No is gasoline. I, uh, love no actually,” said Evans. “No is like something you should be trying to go to after everyday because if you don’t put gas in your car, where you going? Nowhere fast, right? So when you get the petro, the gas, then you’re like ‘ok, I got a little gas to get somewhere.’ So when someone tells you no next time, you be like, ooo thank you because they are fueling you to your yes. So if you collect the nos, you just getting gas because they are pushing you to your yes. Your yes is coming, believe that!”

We know the Oprah biopic is coming, and with Evans attitude, we have no doubt she’ll be the leading lady on the screen sharing the incredible story.

Watch the full interview with Evans on AfterBuzz TV by clicking the link above!