Amazon’s Invincible Director Unexpectedly Leaves Series

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EXCLUSIVE: Invincible is one of the most exciting television series in development, but the Amazon show already has a big change in directors.

Justin Copeland was guesting on Popcorn Talk Network’s The Con Guy when he revealed his shocking exit as Director of the show.

Invincible stars Mark Hamill, J.K. Simmons, Sandra Oh, Seth Rogan, and Mae Whitman. It’s based off the Image Comic Universe superhero, Invincible. It was created by Robert Kirkman and first appeared in 2002, before getting its own title and series in 2003.

“I’ve actually left his [Kirkman] show,” admitted Copeland. “I was on there for awhile and then I actually left, uh, and am trying to do some other things.”

Copeland and his brother Chris were slated to direct eight episodes of the series. Now, that all appears to be changing.

Though Copeland didn’t give anymore information on why he stepped away, it appears he left on amicable terms.

“That was a blast. We’re really good friends with Robert Kirkman,” said Copeland, before adding, “that was a dream come true job.”

Still, Copeland praised Invincible for the cast it has assembled.

“That cast is one of the best casted,” said Copeland.

Invincible is being produced by Amazon Studios and is set to premiere on Amazon in 2020.

AfterBuzz TV has reached out to Amazon for comment. We will update you if we hear back.

Michael Clouse

Michael Clouse


Michael Clouse is a writer and Producer at AfterBuzz TV.