Ally Maki: Mind-Blowing To Be Toy Story’s First Asian American Female

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Toy Story has been entertaining audiences for nearly 25 years and they’re still conquering firsts on the screen.

The franchise’s fourth movie, which hit theaters this past weekend, has their very first Asian American female character, Giggle McDimples, voiced by Ally Maki.

“It’s mind-blowing to me at every level, said Maki, while speaking to Carla Renata for Black Hollywood Live’s The Curvy Critic.

Maki is also the film’s smallest toy ever.

“To be the tiniest character to exist in the universe is really awesome, and then to be an Asian American, the first ever Asian American female within this universe is so incredible,” said Maki. “To be a woman of color in this universe is so incredible.”

Maki grew up watching the Toy Story movies, aging as the franchise made movie number two, three, and now four. It allowed her see herself on the big screen.

“As someone who is an Asian American female growing up in a world where we didn’t have that many strong representations in TV,” revealed Maki, “I think Toy Story for me resonated so much because these characters are without borders and barriers. Like, you can see yourself in Rex, you can be RC, you can be Slinky Dog, like, you can be any of these things and I think that’s why it resonated so much with me.”

Now, she’s part of the franchise allowing other children, like herself, to imagine themselves as the characters.

“Asian Americans have had a momentous year and it’s been very exciting to watch,” said Maki.

Toy Story 4 opened to $118 million at the box office this past weekend.

Michael Clouse

Michael Clouse


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