All Rise Season Finale On CBS, First TV Episode Shot Via Zoom

Peek behind the scenes as the groundbreaking CBS series All Rise shoots its season finale on Zoom, with insight from Simone Missick and Ava DuVernay

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Posted On: May 6th, 2020 10:40pm pst

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ABTV Innovation Spotlight on All Rise

All Rise is the first prime time scripted series to film an episode using Zoom and Facetime to reflect current shelter-in-place orders. 

On Monday, May 4th, CBS aired the All Rise season finale which set a record as the first remotely filmed episode to air on television. The season finale opens with Judge Lola Carmichael (played by Simone Missick) conferencing with colleague Mark Callan (played by Wilson Bethel) during home workouts and breakfast, catching up on the status of the justice system amidst social distancing. Throughout the episode there are numerous calls between cast members reflecting their adjustment to work and personal life through “corona cocktails”, virtual dates, chess matches, and the need to “do something,” similar to what millions are doing today. 

This episode’s case revolves around the aftermath of a fight between two brothers which lands one brother in jail, leading to his health being at risk concerns during the pandemic. Though we’ve never seen Mark and Lola in the same courtroom, it is brought to us due to the judicial system being short-staffed. After a few failed attempts to deliver a fair trial, Lola is able to prevail and deliver a crowd pleasing verdict. 

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Simone Missick spoke to WrapWomen LA, about her experience shooting the series finale and preparation for filming herself for the first time. 

Normally, the most “prep” I do (outside of the actual scene work) is styling my hair or painting my nails. In comparison, this process felt like shooting a guerrilla indie film that I starred in, co-produced and ran 13 other departments for.”

In the interview with Wrap Women LA, she also mentions this not being the season finale the “All Rise” production team planned but came to fruition due to circumstances. 

It’s not the original scripted storyline, but it very much falls in line with the arc of Lola’s character throughout this season: her commitment to serve justice in varyingly difficult situations.”

Ava DuVernay, cast members, and fans gave the season finale praise for its execution and an overall great season. 

All Rise has been breaking records since its inception to the final moment of its season finale. Simone Missick is the first Black woman to lead a show on CBS in the last 30 years and All Rise is the first show to film an episode using Zoom and Facetime to reflect current shelter-in-place orders. Take some time to watch All Rise and the All Rise After Show to get ready for Season 2.

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