Talks About Family, Chris Farley, and Her Career Coming Full Circle

Written by: Chae’ Jones – March 29th 2020, 1:48pm pst

All That was SNL for kids in the 90s. All the sketches are still talked about, even 25 years later. Alisa Reyes was one of the original members of All That.  You might recognize her as Penny Lane in the “Super Dude” sketch or the fun Kiki in “The Island Girls”. All That was a show made for kids with a multi-racial cast, something that wasn’t seen a lot on TV at that time.

Alisa Reyes joined host Chae’ Jones for a Skype interview for Dish Upon A Star as everyone across the country have been quarantined to their houses Reyes and I wanted to bring you some positivity and fun content to help get you through.

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Reyes remembers her audition clearly. “So I remember [in the] early 90s, my acting manager at the time, shout out to Marilyn Zitner (my manager when I was a kid) and I remember she called my mother and I and she was like ‘You have this great audition opportunity…it’s Nickleodeon…it’s an untitled sketch show, but you have to go in.  You just have to go and be YOU, Alisa’.”

Reyes goes on to state, “I just went in and just acted a fool, and about six to seven auditions later, Kenan Thompson and I were the last two cast, because at the time I remember Kenan was finishing The Mighty Ducks, so they were trying to finalize things with him, and the magic number was 7, and all of us came from different states, so I like to call us the United Nations. We were a little bit of a melting pot of diversity that just went together so well.”

One of her favorite guest stars from All That was the late comedian and actor Chris Farley. “He was so sweet.Chris Farley at the time was promoting a movie.  He invited the whole cast to go check out the movie, to go to the party, and our parents came. It was our first time really experiencing a red carpet you know, because a lot of us were new in the business. It was a journey for all of us and I just wanted to share that because he’s monumental.”

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Reyes reprises her role as Kiki in “The Island Girls” (among other sketches) for the All That reboot series.  She will also be reprising her role as LaCienega Boulevardez in The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder coming to Disney Plus.

“I feel really blessed and not a lot of people can say that they can be on two shows that came back full circle. I’m definitely trying to ride the wave as gracefully as possible but I feel like it’s all about timing and the time is now. The fans wanted it and now we’re giving them what they want!”

credit: nickelodeon

All That and The Proud Family are two shows that have impacted television history in the best ways and they continue to teach us as viewers that no matter what, laughter will always get you through your darkest times and that at the end of the day, family is is of the greatest importance (whether it’s your birth family or the family you created), Together,  you will always be there for each other.

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