Alex Rodriguez Almost Cast As Leading Man In Jennifer Lopez’s ‘El Anillo’

Director Santiago Salviche of 777 Productions, exclusively shares his tricks to creating the perfect Jennifer Lopez music video, plus how Alex Rodriguez was almost cast as the leading man in ‘El Anillo.’ Only on AfterBuzz’s A Podcast About JLo.

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Posted On: May 28th, 2020 6:38 pm pst

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ABTV’s A Podcast About JLo: Santiago Salviche

Director Santiago Salviche was the guest on this week’s episode of A Podcast About JLo. Salviche spoke with multimedia journalists, Ronnie Jr and Russell Ray Silva about the backstory of the music video, ‘El Anillo.’ Beginning his career as an Engineer, Santiago first moved to Los Angeles to become an Actor, only to find that he took more of a technical approach to the work. Mixing his skillset as an Engineer and his passion for the arts, he shifted into Production and began making his mark on the world of branded content and commercial spots.

As with most passions, once he aligned himself with the proper team and contacts, Salviche found his career to grow steadily, specifically in the LatinX market. Eventually teaming up with heavy hitters like Jessy Terrero and realizing that this creative space was vibrant with opportunity. Now, Santiago has worked with the likes of Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, Thalía, Danna Paola, JoJo, and of course Jennifer Lopez.

Salviche’s experience with JLo was funneled in right on time in terms of creative growth. Having some fantastic experiences along the way, he recalls what it took to bring opulence to the music video, ‘El Anillo.’ His concept was something that both Jennifer Lopez and Manager Benny Medina initially enjoyed, and it stayed in the vein of the creative, but only to be pushed to the limit in true JLo fashion and excellence.

Santiago speaks of wanting his ambition to match and exceed what JLo brings to the table. He saw that as a source of personal achievement, citing that when someone of the caliber of Jennifer Lopez gives an epic 14 to 16 hour day, it’s your job as the director to go above and beyond as well. Santiago takes great pride in working with performers that are on his level, but also with those who are mega stars, as it’s a unique experience in the creative process that can ultimately make you better and more diligent.

Salviche playfully shares that while Miguel Ángel Silvestre was the perfect person to play the male lead, he actually wasn’t completely against the idea of Alex Rodriguez taking a stab at the role. Ultimately, the music video starred the phenomenally talented Silvestre, but Salviche recalls the level of support that JLo & ARod had for each other on the set, and even makes reference to the ring that the world later learned of when Rodriguez proposed.

Ronnie, Russell, & Santiago also spoke in detail on what it takes to properly attain longevity in such an ever-changing music and television industry. The conversation became the blueprint for all creatives to take something from the conversation – to learn, excel, and grow. Salviche’s dreams moving forward are to also use what he’s learned and pass that on to the next generation of performers, directors, and whatever your passion may be. Santiago places a great deal of pride working with phenomenal women directors to which he not only learns from, but also sees great potential in the thriving marketplace. Salviche has made it a point to take a variety of skill sets and mix them into one wonderful career, a career that he’d love to see for the creatives of the future regardless of race, class, gender, sexuality, and so on. To learn more

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