Real Housewives of New Jersey & Atlanta FIGHTS! Plus Vanderpump Rules is BACK!

Join HollywoodLian & Guest Host & Bravo Sibling, Kevin Cox for the shady breakdown of TWO epic FIGHTS- NeNe Vs. Kenya PLUS Danielle Staub Vs. Margaret Josephs Plus Vanderpump Rules is back to remind us how they have all evolved- into horrible people. JOIN us, were diving to the below deck, skimming through some beverly hills drama! SUBSCRIBE!!!

AfterBuzz TV, the ESPN of TV Talk, presents It’s Bravo, Betch! Our weekly talk show about our favorite Bravo TV Shows, where we break down what’s HOT that week: From Real Housewives all the way to Southern Charm, Summer House, Top Chef and the enter waters of Below Deck. Tune in to hear the shade, the juice, and the exclusive scoop! Be sure to Subscribe, rate, and comment for a shout out on the show!

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WCW Thunder Debut + Eric Bischoff Live Q&A: After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson

What was going down behind the scenes of WCW Thunder’s big premiere? How can today’s wrestlers up their promo game?? Eric joins us live to answer your questions! Did you listen to the latest 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff & now there’s something you’re just DYING to know? Join pro wrestling announcer Christy Olson, Eric’s digital producer Steve Kaufmann, & wrestler George Hermoza as we welcome the host of our favorite podcast. This week we’re digging deeper into the WCW Thunder debut on TBS. Share your thoughts & questions in the live chat for a shoutout on the show!
The revelations made, behind the scenes details uncovered and myths debunked…This is where to come after listening to 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff!

We all know and love 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff, but what happens if you have nobody to talk about it with? AfterBuzz TV proudly presents the After Show for 83 Weeks: After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson! From AfterBuzz TV, to WWE, and beyond, Christy Olson is ready to tackle every episode of 83 weeks and bring you insightful discussion, guest interviews, and more after it ends! Right after you catch 83 weeks, you can check out After 83 week with Christy Olson! Subscribe, Rate, and Comment to stay up to date!

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Michael’s Visa Denial + Avery Claims Anti-Islamic Attack | 90 Day Fiancè News Weekly

Is Angela’s criminal record to blame for Michael’s visa denial? Whose nude photos did Rebecca threaten to release?? Join the conversation LIVE as we cover the week’s hottest 90 Day Fiancè news headlines! Share your thoughts on Avery’s claims she was harassed at Walmart, Tania’s sister spilling the tea on why she lives in a shed, Caesar’s unexpected return to reality TV, Alexei becoming a U.S. citizen, Tiffany’s weight war with fans, Paul’s claims Karine left him for another man on Christmas, Ashley admitting she still loves Jay, & much more! Chime in the live chat for a shoutout on 90 Day Fiancè News Weekly!

90 Day Fiancé has become such a phenomenon, there’s no way we wouldn’t jump on board and get hooked!

Luckily we’ve put a whole team behind this great series in the form of after shows for all spin-offs as well as daily short-form news and a weekly long-form news show!

Acting Lessons We Learned From Tom Hanks Golden Globes Speech

This week on ACTING CLASS WEEKLY with Sean Whalen, Sean talks about Tom Hanks Speech for his LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD at the GOLDEN GLOBES. With Co host Roxy Striar and Producer Jeff Graham, Sean talks about the takeaways from Tom’s speech.

Acting Class Weekly with Sean Whalen! Presented by AfterBuzz TV, an educational Podcast and youtube series where each week, actor, producer, director, writer, and teacher Sean Whalen and cohost Roxy Striar will help you explore the show AND the business of becoming a working actor. Subscribe, Like, and Share for exclusive lessons on how to be, become, and live as an Actor whether you’re in the entertainment, the arts, or any other career path; this show can help you!