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Written by: Loren Kling March 28th 2020, 10:46pm pst

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“It sucks to not be able to physically be together, to watch it end,” laments Schitt’s Creek’s Sarah Levy

With only two episodes left to air of the increasingly popular CBC/Pop TV series, Shitt’s Creek, Sarah Levy (“Twyla Sands”) is going through all the feels… again. She joined the hosts of AfterbuzzTV’s Shitt’s Creek After Show where she talked about the emotions that come up when you’re filming the last episodes of a series.

“We’ve been going through these waves of emotion when we were shooting it and then, you know, when we wrapped.” She adds, “It’s bringing up all those weird, weird end-of-high school emotions again where you’re just…where you’re mourning the loss of a really special time. So it’s strange. It’s exciting but it’s kind of bitter-sweet, all at once.”

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It’s hard to imagine but only a few weeks ago the cast was gearing up for a multi-city tour where they were going to share stories and behind-the-scenes clips from the show with their biggest fans. It was also going to be a high school reunion of sorts for the cast as well as a family reunion slash family vacation for Sarah, her father Eugene Levy, who plays “Johnny Rose”, the patriarch of the family,  and older brother Daniel Levy, who not only plays Johnny’s sweater-obsessed son, David, but is also the showrunner.

“It sucks to not be able to physically be together. To watch it end. We had so many wonderful things planned for each other and for the fans to experience,” Sarah laments. “We’re all kind of watching it in isolation and trying to stay as connected as possible.”

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When Sarah and her brother were growing up they used to make videos and skits with their cousins. “It was like sketch comedy. Tapes and tapes of recurring characters. Daniel knew how to work my dad’s video camera. We thought he was really fancy ‘cause he knew how to zoom and how to fade out.”

She adds, “We would make commercials. We would make trailers for TV shows and movies. We actually had so many at one point that we made our own Oscars and we spray painted wine bottles gold and rolled them in glitter and had our parents watch and vote.”

We asked Sarah if she has any advice for those following their dreams.
“Two things. That literally anything is possible and that’s the beauty of this industry is that it really can change overnight. Ya know… one day you don’t have a job and the next day you do.”

The second thing got us to feel all the feels. “My dad always says – it’s his mantra – is everything happens for a reason. And that’s been the pillar – my tentpole – of what to go on with this because every time you have a disappointment you just have to know that it is for a reason and something better is meant to happen.”
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