AfterBuzz TV’s Lauren Ashley Beck Aims to be 2nd Black Woman to Win Survivor

Written by: Benny Adams – October 1st, 8:14am PT

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Survivor is back for its 39th season on CBS, and Afterbuzz TV’s very own Lauren Ashley Beck is one of the castaways competing for the one million dollar prize, and the title of sole survivor. 

This season is titled “Island of the Idols,” and judging from Beck’s reaction to the theme during the premier episode, she can’t wait to start playing the game she loves. 

“I’m thinking, is there an idol on this island, is there another island that has tons of idols? so it’s surprising its shocking, it’s cool.” Said Lauren, during the first episode of this season. 

Beck moved from her hometown of Rochester Hills, Michigan to Los Angeles at age 17, an accomplishment she is most proud of. 

She describes herself as bubbly, but don’t think for a second she won’t take care of business in order to outwit her peers. The 28-year-old plans on using her social skills to move her further along the game. 

“My ability to connect with others is astronomical, I just love people! I have the physical and mental ability to see myself through to the very end,” said Beck. 

Beck is now up against 19 other castaways, and like any other season of Survivor, there’s a special twist that many of the players do not know about yet. This year contestants will have a chance to get advice from Survivor alum’s Boston Rob and Sandra if they get sent to “Island of the Idols.” 

Sandra is actually a contestant Beck says she is most like saying, “I have no problem being cutthroat to make power plays to enhance my individual game. The queen stays the queen!” 

Beck definitely has a few tricks up her sleeves in order to wear the crown by the end of this season, and she’s not playing around when it comes to the other contestants. 

“People tend to underestimate me which will definitely work in my favor. I plan to be the second black woman to win this game, hands down.” 

The first black woman to win the one million dollar prize was Vecipia Towery all the way back in 2002 during the fourth season of Survivor. Now, in just a few short months, she could have some company at the top.

You can catch “Survivor: Island of Lost Idols” every Wednesday on CBS at 8 pm PT/ET and 7 pm CT. 

Also make sure to check out the Survivor After Show on AfterBuzz TV every Wednesday at 9:15pm PT. 

About The Author:

Benny Adams is a Producer, entertainment Journalist, and aspiring host in Los Angeles who got his start in broadcast journalism at California State University Northridge.

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