AfterBuzz TV Vet Alikona Bradford Shows Grit on Fox’s Ultimate Tag!

She’s hosted your DC favs like the Arrow and Batwoman aftershows, now the vegan fitness fanatic will throw a few ‘bows of her own on this week’s Ultimate Tag on Fox.

Alikona Bradford

AfterBuzz TV Host & Writer
Posted On: May 27th, 2020 2:32pm pst

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ABTV Loves Ultimate Tag

With season premiere ratings through the roof, episode two is on its way and for those avid AfterBuzz TV fans, you might see a familiar face. Sure, that face is usually smiling, but when the lights go low and the tags light up, a different look replaces the bubbly demeanor…fear! 

Alikona Bradford. FOX MEDIA LLC. Cr: FOX.

Well, not entirely. That right there is focus and determination, but, on the inside, all I kept thinking about was the interior/anterior ankle sprain that cracked my shin only months prior when an obstacle I vaulted over in a parkour class fell over and took me with it. 

Ultimate Tag was an unexpected invite that thwarted me into a whirlwind experience of fun, competition, and the need to push past the residue of any physical or mental limitations from the injury. And, as someone who’s used to being at the top of their physical game, being in this position was a tough one. 

However, with it came inspiration. Aside from facing some of the most breath-taking world champion parkour athletes and Hollywood stunt people (the taggers,)  I found myself on the Warner Brothers lot with 59 other athletes competing for the same glory. From consecutive Olympic gold medalists to football players, basketball players, and fighters, it was like a museum of walking statues of David and Amazonian warriors. In fact, there was even a girl who was in the Wonder Woman movie! That said, I was excited to play amongst other fitness enthusiasts, make a few new friends, share some veggies, and throw a few ‘bows when the Taggers got in my way.

I refuse to spoil, so be sure to watch this week’s Ultimate Tag episode Wednesday, May 27th at 9/8 c on FOX. Then, tune in for the aftershow with myself and special guests The Iron Giantess, The Kid, and fellow players Aisha Zaza, Erykah Fisher, Thurman Brown, Austin Santee,  and Devon True on Thursday at 5/4 c on AfterBuzz TV.

Alikona Bradford and The Iron Giantess, Laura Micetich.  FOX MEDIA LLC. Cr: FOX.

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Alikona Bradford is an entertainment host and Journalist in the Los Angeles area. You can find more about her at or keep tabs on her adventure on social media @yours_truly_alikona (IG) or @UrsTrulyAlikona on Twitter.

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