Jearnest Corchado of Apple TV+ Little America & The Fosters Talks Working w/ Kumail Nanjani, Rosie O’Donnell, Maia Mitchell, Emily V Gordon, Lee Eisenberg

Written by: Jennifer Lopez – April 18th, 2020 8:17pm pst

AfterBuzz TV Latino Presentamos: Jearnest Corchado 

Jearnest Corchado sat down with AfterBuzz TV Latino to discuss her latest project Little America on Apple TV Plus+. Corchado was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico.  From an early age she knew what she wanted to do with her life and that was acting. The young star to be begged her mom to let her act.  She would say…

“Mommy Mommy I want to be an actress, I want to be an actress, but from now on I want to be an actress.” 

Corchado’s persistence led her to work on television shows and telenovelas like, “Dueña y Señora” and “Sin Limites”, in Puerto Rico. 

Jearnest said it wasn’t an easy ride even though she had unconditional support from her parents and family, adding she had close people doubting her,  whether she could turn her dream of acting into a career. Corchado says that didn’t stop her from continuing to pursue her dreams adding, 

“For me, I remember saying ‘ok I have to take that doubt they have of me to show them I can make it’.” Corchado has definitely not lost that passion and she is here to teach us all that it is always important to go for what you want at any age. 

With that same passion, Corchado made the decision to leave the beautiful island of Puerto Rico to come and chase her dreams in the City of Angels. Corchado had a small role-playing “Dee” on successful television series The Fosters

Even though it was a small part she took the opportunity to learn from the people she was working with, from Maia Mitchell to Rosie O’Donnell. Corchado added, “ I took the time to learn who was who on set because they don’t teach you that, From the showrunner, producer and who is my boss.” Corchado mentioned that  she hopes to one day make a cameo on The Fosters spin-off Good Trouble.

Corchado talks all about her recent project on Apple TV’s Little America, an anthology series, it tells entertaining, enlightening and inspiring immigrant stories. In episode 2 of the series named ,The Jaguar, Corchado plays Marisol, an undocumented teenager who becomes a competitive squash player. 

The show was created by Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon and Lee Eisenberg.  Jearnest said she had to film the episode in 8 days. She had to prepare not only for her lines but to also learn how to pick up a new sport. Corchado hopes that series can help people understand that immigrants are not any different and should not be treated otherwise. Corchado added that she learned so much of different people’s background and learned so much from her character Marisol. 

 “I took an experience with me that will last for a lifetime” 

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